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Grey Matter

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Esoteric Agendas

Lately, it has occurred to me that there are very few people that I totally agree with in esoterica, maybe nobody. It doesn't matter if it is conspiracy, UFOs or other esoteric subjects. It also has occurred to me that it is mostly OK that way. You take what you can from people and leave the rest in a grey box or even totally out of consideration, but you don't have to totally discount the person to do that. Frankly, I think that discounting everything because you don't agree with a portion is where most people make their mistake.

I will use Alex Jones as an example. To me, it is obviously that AJ is a Christian Fundamentalist. My biggest clue is that he seems to divide everything into two camp, common good people and Satanists. He uses the words Satan and Satanist a lot, far more than any non-fundie would do. Although I personally have no belief in Fundie world views, that does not mean that everything AJ says is wrong. However, it does mean that most of what he says is colored by his world view, so it can be twisted to serve his Fundie agenda. So, you should never take anything he says at face value. There are other problems with him, but we will leave it at that.

Likewise there are people (probably including Jones) that believe "end of life counseling" equals death panels. I am not going to say that couldn't happen in some weird future where humans have become so depraved that they just don't care anymore, but if things are that bad it wouldn't really matter if "end of life counseling" was written into the healthcare bill or not. That is the thing that is forgotten, governments pretend to follow the law, but really they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. Whenever you make a big deal over something that ambiguous, you may rally your agenda driven group, but you all look like complete idiots to everyone else.

Ufology is not really any different than the conspiracy realm and sadly it is getting more like it each day with various factions fighting each other. Like conspiracy, much of it has become agenda driven. There are the Fundies that want to spread the message that aliens are demons. There are the disclosure people that, for some reason, think aliens want to be disclosed and need their help to do it. Normally, hand and hand with the disclosure people are those that think aliens are highly evolved, almost god like beings. There are the religions like the Raelians that also want to spread their beliefs. The Sitchin people that believe aliens created us to mine gold. There even seems to be agenda groups that feel it is their duty to ferret out anything that might be a hoax from some other agenda driven group or person. The list of groups go on and on. The thing that most all of them have in common is a Messiah Complex of saving you from the other bad groups or people that are leading you down the path to hell.

Personally I feel that such beliefs and movements often muddy things up. Not only is there the arguing, but also (like Jones) you have to wonder if information is being twisted to fit a particular belief system. It doesn't matter that much, it just causes you to take such information with a grain of salt, rather than having a lot of trust in it. Really, without any evidence for their points, all information should be in a grey basket, no matter the source, not just info from obviously agenda driven groups or people.

Often times, there is evidence for what certain groups or individuals are saying, but their conclusion is just hypothesis. Roswell is good example, there is plenty of evidence that something happened at Roswell, but there are many different opinions of what it was. I have certain theories I believe more than others, but I don't throw out the others -- I grey box them.

I think most people are like me and aren't trying to spread any type of message or expand any type of movement. Just people that are fascinated by the subject of UFOs. Although you shouldn't take anything anyone says at face value, it is still good that most of Ufology is independent and not so agenda-driven. That is not to say that individuals don't have their own little agendas (even if it is just drawing more people to their website), they are just far less dangerous than a group mentality. I really hope that it stays that way. Having watched, over the years, as things seemed to become more agenda-driven and group oriented, I am hoping that trend is nearing an end. People need to have more faith in themselves and less in groups.

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