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911 - The Fire Still Burns

The big 911 anniversary has come around again. Contrary to predictions that the conspiracy theories would die out as time went by and as more information became available they only seem to have grown and flourished.

A good example of how the truth movement is still growing is C-Span's recent airings of Alex Jones and his 911 scholar's conference. I believe in total they ended up airing it 4 times, but it was at least 3.

Even Art Bell loosened up slightly on the truth movement a few weeks ago when he admit that they are not all nuts. That is about the best we can expect from Art on the subject. Art has been responsible for promoting many other conspiracies, but this one just isn't for him.

Who are the people who believe in this conspiracy? Certain people on the right want to paint them all as lefties, but I have to say that most people I have met on the internet that are firm believers in the conspiracy are far right wingers. That is not to say that there aren't plenty of lefties in that group, but the majority, at least on the internet, seem to be to the far right.

Those who don't believe, like Art Bell, don't seem to understand how anyone can believe in such a conspiracy. Most of the people who don't even consider any of it could be true seem to be big Bush supporters. I think if Clinton had been President when it happened these people would probably be believers, but most of the lefties wouldn't.

So why is it so easy for people to believe in the conspiracy? First it is hard for many to believe that some Muslim's with very little training could manage to fly those planes into their targets. It is like when you see a movie where the pilot is killed, the autopilot is out, the landing gear won't go down and some ditzy blond (male or female) manages to fly the plane and land it safely with only minimal help. It is just hard to believe that could happen in real life and I think many feel the same way about the people who are the accused terrorists.

Most of all, beyond any supposed evidence of a conspiracy it seems many people just have no problem believing that their government would lie to them or even kill them if they felt it necessary.

We have all by now heard the tape of President Bush trying to work up a conspiracy of flying a plane, painted with UN colors, over Iraq in hopes they would shoot it down so he would have an excuse to invade. Not to mention other tapes in which the President seems to be plotting things that are not entirely straight forward to the American people. Sure, all Presidents do such things and the American people know it and that is why they don't trust them.

We also hear all the time how we have to fight terrorism and we are fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here and on and on. Meanwhile our borders remains as they were before 911. That is one of the things that most irritates me. American citizens can't take hair gel on a plane, but if you are a terrorist sneaking in from Mexico or Canada you can bring whatever you want. It makes no sense. That makes it easy for many people to think that we are not really fighting terrorism, we are just using it as an excuse for Halliburton to make more money, or steal oil, or whatever else and that there is a huge conspiracy behind it all.

Will America ever again be as trusting as they were before Clinton, Nixon, the Vietnam war and Kennedy? I would really doubt it. Really thinking about it, can anyone blame them for not trusting? Is there some overwhelming reason that we should trust the Government?

The people who believe the 911 conspiracy are not nuts, they are for the most part normal every day Americans. Probably the vast majority of them are not found posting on truth movement sites, or commenting about it on their blog, they probably are silent and only let their doubts be known to themselves.

If there is no 911 conspiracy then the Government should be studying why their own people trust them so little, they should be working on regaining that trust. Rather they ignore, accuse people of being unpatriotic and crazy and tell themselves it is just a few people who would hate them no matter what they did.

Ian Punnett said something very wise a few weeks back, I do not quote exactly, but he basically said "Stop treating us like children. Let us know what is going on, we deserve it. We want and can handle the truth." He is right the Government treats us like children, hiding as much as they can from us and as long as they do that more and more people will gravitate towards conspiracies. The Government has only themselves to blame.

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