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Why donít they land on the White House lawn?

UFO encounters are now a part of our culture. It is obvious to me that people are experiencing some sort of bizarre event, but is it all in their heads or is it for real? It seems to me that there is enough physical evidence to say at least some of these people are experiencing some kind of real event. I know debunkers will say there is no proof of UFOs, but what constitutes proof? There are numerous photos and videos that they dismiss. They always say something stupid like ďif they are real why donít they land on the White House lawn?í It never occurs to them that these entities may have no need or are not inclined to do such a thing, that just maybe they donít care if we believe they are here or not.

As far as physical evidence goes, what about the Cash/Landrum case? While it would be possible to argue whether this was a alien craft or some sort of Government project gone astray, I donít see how anyone could argue that nothing happened to these women and the 7 year old boy because there is just loads of physical evidence. The story goes like this -

On the night of December, 29, 1980, Betty Cash was driving in a rural area outside Houston, Texas with her friend Vicki Landrum and Vickiís grandson Colby when they came across a diamond shaped object shooting out fire all over and blocking the road. They had to stop the car and they got out for a closer look. There was immense heat from the object and the two women suffered burns. Betty received the worse burns since she went nearer the object wanting a closer look. They returned to the car when a large number of black helicopters showed up and escorted the object away. Upon getting back into the car Vicki made the mistake of touching the dashboard and it is was so hot that her fingerprints were melted into it. Both Betty and Vicki suffered sever medical problems that seemed to be associated with radiation poisoning. Betty Cash and Vicki Landrum took the Government to court over the incident, but the case was dismissed in 1986 because it was felt that the women couldnít show any proof that the object belonged to the Government. Here you have a case with loads of proof, not only the two women and their injuries (the boy was injured, but to a far lesser extent), but also evidence of melted fingerprints in the car. It is highly doubtful these women caused these injuries to themselves. None of it is proof of aliens, but it does seem to me to be proof that there is something unusual flying around and that not everyone seeing these things are delusional or making things up.

I know most case do not have the amount of evidence as the Cash/Landrum case, but that doesnít mean there is no evidence. I have heard of numerous cases where burn marks are left behind in the soil by objects, as I said there are videos and photos of crafts, there are craft seen on radar and sonar that are traveling far too fast to be a conventional crafts, there are people who have strange things removed from there body after claiming to have been abducted and having these things inserted, there are scoop marks left on peoples bodies, but none of these things make any difference to the skeptics. Apparently it does take a UFO landing on the White House lawn for them to believe that such things could exist. They dismiss peoples claims of being abducted by saying they were experiencing sleep paralysis. I once had the misfortune of experiencing that and I in no way thought I was being abducted by aliens, though I was very pissed off that I couldnít move. After fighting it for what seemed like forever I regained control over myself. I canít imagine this experience making anyone think they are being abducted by aliens.

Skeptics often accuse people who claim to have been abducted or seen a UFO of making things up so they can make money off their story. It seems to me that this is exactly how skeptics make a living, they make up a story of why something didnít happen the way the other person says it happened and then they make money spreading their story of how it didnĎt happen even though they were never there to know if it happened that way or not. It is kind of a silly way to make a living if you ask me, taking someone elseís story that you say they made up and then making up your own story about how their story is untrue.

I donít want to sound like I donít believe in a true skeptical inquiry. I mean if you can truly prove that someone really is lying that is different or if skeptics would just leave open the option that it could have happened the way the person is claiming, but is more likely to have happened a different way, then they wouldnít be quite as obnoxious. When I think of obnoxious skepticism the Amazing Randi is the first to come to mind. How I despise his attitude that nothing amazing ever happens. He must live a truly dull horrible life with no sense of wonderment or miracles. I bet he is one of those people who watch most movies and cannot suspend any of his disbelief and just thinks they sucks because none of that stuff could ever really happen. I think perhaps his mother did not read him enough fairy tales growing up and must have read straight from the encyclopedia. I am not saying that I believe in fairy tales, but I do believe strange and wonderful or even scary things can happen to people and can be caused by things that Amazing Randi does not have the imagination to believe in. Yes, you have to have somewhat of a imagination to believe that things you never have seen can exist and he has none.

While I certainly donít believe every story I hear on c2c or anywhere for that matter, I do try to keep a open mind. If I believed everything I heard on c2c I would have jumped to my death years ago and if I didnít believe any of it then I would have quit listening years ago because it wouldnít have been any fun. Somewhere between the Amazing Randi and delirium is where I reside and although I sometimes cross the line towards one side or the other (probably more often to delirium) where I am I at least have the freedom of imagination to wonder what might be instead of living in a box like Amazing Randi. It doesnít hurt to wonder does it?

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