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Grey Matter


Noory needs to get laid !

Many times I have complained that Noory does not confront people on his show. He lets Sean David Morton and others spin outrageous tales and hardly ever confronts them with any solid questions. I always considered this to be done out of politeness to the guest, but now I think it may be pure cowardice. Apparently Noory is willingly to bad mouth his guests as long as they are not there to defend themselves.

Maybe he is burnt out and just needs a vacation, but the shows on last Monday and Tuesday night have really left me with a whole new impression of George Noory and it is not a good one.

We start with Monday and Noory's guest, Richard C. Hoagland. Hoagland has always been an egomaniac, so nothing he could do would really surprise me. Still, when he started in with his bashing of Steven Greer and ufologists in general for not having any evidence of their claims, I had expected Noory to stick up for his guests. Instead, Noory joined in. For a few brief seconds I thought perhaps Noory had been replaced with Mel Gibson on some sort of drunken tirade. Not only did he join in, but he also went along with Hoagland's claim of presenting evidence to support his own research. Evidence is subjective, isn't it? Whereas Hoagland might consider his "enhanced" Mars photos evidence, many real scientists would not. Then there is also the ridiculous "evidence" he produces, like tequila ads that are suppose to support the conclusion of a conspiracy of weather modification. I still recall Noory saying something like "yeah, at least you have pictures and stuff to support your claims." As though all the thousands of ufo pictures and videos do nothing to support the claims of ufologists, but somehow Hoagland's silly pictures do support his?

Just a clue for Noory, when you put down ufology on your show you look like a fake, someone who is just in it for the money and doesn't really believe any of it.

Tuesday night, I had expected that Noory would have realized that his comments were rude, not only towards his guests, but also his audience and that he would come up with some sort of apology. Instead he brought on Seth Shostak and continued his bitch slapping of Dr. Steven Greer. It is of no relevance whether or not he believes in Greer's claims, but out of respect for someone who has been a c2c guest for many years, I would think that if Noory had a problem with these claims he should have confronted Greer face to face rather than stabbing him in the back. Maybe even more sick than his bashing of Greer was his worry that Greer had somehow hurt the SETI program. Then there was the insistence, by Noory, that Greer should have to name the people working at SETI who are feeding him his information. WTF????? Making the assumption that these people do exist, people giving out inside information that is not suppose to be known to the public, would at the very least be fired from their jobs.

I don't know if Noory will ever see this, but what I say now is not said out of hate or spite for Noory, but rather out of love for a show that I have listened to and supported (except for the brief Segal time) since it's infancy.

First off, c2c was born out of ufology. In the beginning there was none of the remote viewing, seers of all types, cryptozoologists, conspiracy mongers and so on. It was the ufo and alien subject that attracted people and it is the soul of c2c, in my opinion. To bash those who have spawned c2c behind their backs, for lack of evidence and whatever else is akin to committing matricide. By disrespecting guests, you also disrespect your audience, the show itself and yourself for not being man enough to first confront people face to face instead of sneaking behind their backs to insult them. If I were a ufologists who sometimes went on c2c, I would think twice before returning. I am not sure I would trust Noory anymore. I would always wonder if he and Hoagland or Shostak would be laughing at and bashing my comments a few days later.

Second, at one time c2c was the only show of it's kind. That may still be true of coast to coast radio, but there are dozens of internet shows that cater to such subject matter and some are truly fantastic shows. In certain ways they are better than c2c, for example if Stanton Friedman is on Binnall of America I don't have to listen to an entire hour devoted to callers with stupid questions such as, "I saw a red light hovering in the sky two nights ago. What do you think that could have been?" So although c2c may be on top right now, if I were George Noory I would not take that as any evidence of what the future may hold. If he continues to treat his guests in such a rude manner he may find them abandoning he for nicer venues, along with his listeners that have internet access.

After thinking a bit more on things I remembered that Noory had a vacation not that long ago. So what else would make someone so grumpy and rude? I think it must be that Noory needs to get laid. So if there are any single lasses out there who would be willing to make a sacrifice in order to save Noory's sanity, drop him a line and ask him out!

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