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Grey Matter


Why would someone do something so stupid?

Tom Biscardi has been on coast to coast off and on for a while now. You would think that would be a opportunity for someone like him that he wouldnít want to blow, but nonetheless I am almost positive he has.

The great Bigfoot hunt started off innocently enough. It was a great idea and the updates were fun. Then after a couple weeks, on the evening of 8/19/05 to be exact, Biscardi comes on to report he has a captured Bigfoot. There were several red flags for me during this report. The first one was that he didnít start out talking about the captured Bigfoot, instead he started out the conversation saying how excited he was that one of the volunteers had found a large footprint. Then he tells us that he has more exciting news than that, he has a captured Bigfoot. If you already had a captured Bigfoot would you really be that excited about a footprint?

Many of his answers during this interview are extremely vague and strange. One of the strange answers was to George asking if the creature communicates and Biscardi said ďyes.Ē George asked how and Biscardi said ďby pushing the plate of food away.Ē While I guess that can be considered a form of communication, my dog and cats communicate far better than that. But, the biggest red flag to me was Biscardi claiming he had not yet seen the captured Bigfoot after a full week of having it. If there was a captured Bigfoot within 300 miles of here that I could go see up close I would be on the road within hours. To imagine a Bigfoot researcher having a captured Bigfoot for a week and not going wherever it was to take a look at it, is simply unimaginable. Also, Biscardi made sure to mention that if you paid the $60 that night to be able to watch on the internet you would save yourself money because they price would be going up once they start showing the Bigfoot. Yes, the Bigfoot they had captured a week before and that Biscardi had not bothered to go see or ask to see a picture of.

I am sure most have heard the details of his long excuse by now. The woman in Nevada that he just blindly believed because she was a friend of a friend. The doctors fighting over and kidnapping Bigfoot, a whole wild web of tales. All this I am sure was a total delight for Loren Coleman to listen to, especially the tongue lashings Biscardi received from listeners which actually left him speechless a couple times.

People can argue if they want, but to me this entire story of the captured Bigfoot was a hoax by Biscardi. I really donít think there is anyone who can convince me that Biscardi really thought he had a captured Bigfoot and that he was the one who had been hoaxed. If the story he is giving about being scammed is true then he really needs to get out of the business because he is truly one of the dumbest people on earth. Nobody in their right mind would just believe that story without seeing any proof and then go on National (worldwide on the internet) radio and tell it.

The question I have is why would someone do that? Sure maybe for the money, I donít know how many people were really willing to pay $60, but maybe it was lot. Still in the long run it was a losing proposition to do something so stupid. With no Bigfoot being captured he could have mounted expedition several times a year which George would hype on c2c and he could charge for internet viewing of. He could also put together books and videos about the expeditions to pimp on c2c. Now, he will just be kicked to the curb and it will be the end of his gravy train.

No, I am not angry at Biscardi, it made for entertaining radio while it went on. I am merely pointing out that he screwed himself more than he screwed the people who paid $60 for the live webcam thingie.

Sure c2c has had itís hoaxers in the past such as the ones who put together the phony pix of comet Hale Bopp, but where are those people now? I donít even remember most of their names. Lying to a c2c host can really ruin your career, being that it is probably the biggest outlet for people who research the paranormal. I kind of wonder what is going to happen to those that promised us that Brazilian disclosure that never happened. You can be wrong all the time if you are Ed Dames, SDM and a few others, but I donít think Biscardi is among those allowed to be that wrong. I seriously doubt George will have him back on. First, I think George feels he was blatantly lied to, then Biscardi tried to blame it on the c2c audience, which really pissed George off. George was as tough as I have ever heard him and I was wondering if Biscardi had been in the room if George might have punched him. George first told Biscardi that he wouldnít be allowed back on c2c if he didnít refund money. Now that Biscardi is supposedly refunding money George says he sees no reason to ever have him back on. I think what George was saying is that unless Biscardi somehow manages to really catch a Bigfoot, he is banned.

Biscardi will probably have a few true believers for a while, but even they will eventually see the light and move on.

So long Biscardi, it was fun while it lasted.

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