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Grey Matter


The Greys Matter

Just finished listening to George Noory's three hour interview with Whitley Strieber on c2c. I truly enjoyed it. I think it was one of the best c2c shows so far this year.

I know some think Whitley is a kook or, even worse, a liar, but I don't think he is either. I think it is possible that Whitley's active imagination, he is a great fiction writer after all, may sometimes cause him to remember things in a way that they may not have actually happened or add to what did happen, but I certainly don't believe him to be lying or making things up. Even so far as that theory goes, I would not argue the point with Whitley since I was not there for any of his events. People who try to argue over events that they have no way of proving didn't happen are just idiots.

I am one of those people who saw his book Communion in a bookstore and was attracted to the cover. Yes, that grey being. I had never heard of "Greys" at that point, but there was something about that cover that drew me to it. Then I saw it was by Whitley Strieber, who had written several books that I had enjoyed and I bought it thinking it was a fiction book. Who knew at that time that far in the future I would still be thinking about Greys, ufos and abductions? I wouldn't have.

I've never made it entirely through Communion or any of Whitley's "non-fiction" books, I kind of skip through them to the parts I find most interesting. I do really enjoy his fiction books though. Majestic, while fiction, is probably the most entertaining and still informative book on the Roswell crash that I have read. So I sit here, typing, with The Grays just waiting to be read and I am looking forward to it.

Assuming all he tells is true, I wonder why Whitley doesn't see the Greys as evil? Even the tall Nordic alien warned him about them. True, the Nordics may be no better, but The Greys have some agenda that they don't want to share with us. Many say we are like the animals that humans tag. They say it is the same thing and the Greys may be doing it for our own good, like we do with endangered animals. I don't buy that. There is one big difference between us tagging animals and Greys tagging us, we can't communicate with animals and the Greys can communicate with us.

I am getting off the subject of the interview, so I will go back to it now. For the most part I think Noory did much better than he normally does. He only interrupted and changed the subject a couple of times, but for the most part he let Whitley talk. That's a good idea, since Whitley can come up with much more interesting things than Noory. I did enjoy Noory's story of the cow mutilation and the thousand of flies burnt into a tree, that was far better than his normal stories.

It was interesting that Whitley brought up the fact that Art has been ignoring him since remarrying and moving to the Philippines. I had heard elsewhere that Whitley felt hurt by that and it is good that he will be on with Art on Sunday. My understanding now is that he will only be on for the first hour. That is a shame, I would have liked to compare the Noory interview to the Bell interview, but it is kind of hard to do with only one hour from Bell.

Whitley did not bring up in his Noory interview, one of the things I have been dying to hear more about - the secret powers he claims to have gained from his implant. He has briefly hinted on them during Dreamland shows, but never enough for me to be satisfied.

Another thing he did not bring up was his sexual relationship with the Grey female hybrid. That is a real shame because I bet we would have been able to feel Noory blushing, even though we couldn't see it.

So it is probably obvious that I find Whitley and his stories fascinating. Did they happen the way he tells them? Who knows. I would truly be concerned about someone who would say they thought it was a horrible show though. They would probably be the kind of person who thinks Seth Shostak is a great guest and in that case they shouldn't be listening to c2c, because c2c in it's true form is not their kind of show.

I am hoping Noory will get tons of good response from this show, even I plan on dropping him a nice email. Maybe he will realize that it is ufo and aliens that have made c2c what it is and it is that subject that will keep it going.

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