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Is the end coming again ?

We are still in 2005, but I can already feel that familiar fever pitch of paranoia about 2012 creeping up on c2c, just as it did in the years prior to 2000.

The years prior to 2000 were awesome, especially the final two. They were probably the best two years of c2c ever. Not only did we have all the prophecies of destruction of the planet, but we also had the Y2K bug, which in a sense was still a destruction of the planet prophecy. Just when I would think they couldnít possibly come up with a new way that Y2K would destroy the world, they would. We are suppose to all be living in a Mad Max style society right now, those of us that didnít die from lack of food, water, heat or the looters anyhow.

I am so looking forward to these next few years. Already searching through the web there are plenty of dire predictions to view. If it is anything like the year 2000 then the closer we get to it the more bizarre the predictions will become. If only we get another comet passing by, like Hale Bopp did, it will all be perfect.

Just thinking back on the excitement of 2000 makes me anxious for 2012, or at least 2010. Out of all the dire predictions thrown at us for 2000 I canít think of one that came true, but they were fascinating at the time. So I canít wait to hear what they come up with for round 2.

Oh sure, we all could really be f**ked, but it will still be fun up until that time. The Mayan calendar does really stop at 2012, but nobody really knows the reason. It could just be plain laziness, or maybe they figured someone else should be smart enough to do calendars by the year 2012. Yes, I will admit it could be that they knew something about 2012 that we donít know. Planet X? Pole shift anyone? I prefer which ever way will be most instantaneous because I am not very good with pain and suffering. Over the coming years you will hear more theories about the Mayan calendar than you had ever thought possible.

I am sure we will start hearing more and more new guests who have channeled or remote viewed information as we get closer to 2012. There were several guests that appeared a lot from say 1997 through the end of 1999 and have never been invited back since, or at least not to my knowledge. Those were the real wackos, the true harbingers of death and at times I rather miss them.

In a sense 2012 is almost better than 2000 because there is a actual reason (the Mayan calendar) for the predictions. I am not sure what the reasoning behind 2000 being the end was, other than Y2K. I think some people had come up with some bizarre prophecies from somewhere, but I canít really remember where (maybe Egypt?) or what they were now.

If I am remembering correctly remote viewer Courtney Brown had some really great year 2000 predictions. He was also somehow involved in the whole Hale Bopp controversy which is probably why I donít remember him being back since. There was also Lori Toye and Gordon Michael Scallion and according to them hardly any of us should still be alive right now. There were several others that I can longer recall their names, but they were fun at the time.

So I guess what I should say to all the c2c newbies is prepare yourselves for the coming onslaught of dire predictions. You may think Dames, SDM, Lieder and others are pretty out there, but you ainít seen nothing yet.

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