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Grey Matter


End of Esoteric Summer

Summer is nearly over and I was thinking over what if anything I did over the summer. I didn't get around to many books for some reason, but a few. Also, saw some movies and bought a few. I did manage to get in some esoteric research, books, movies videos and such, so I wasn't totally dependant on c2c for my esoteric fix.

This is my run down of my esoteric summer -

Movies -

I saw Lady in the water. I really thought it was awesome! It had everything, a mermaid/fairy type woman, werewolf like creatures, giant birds and other magical elements.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Yes, an esoteric movie, I don't see how anyone could think otherwise. Giant sea creatures, curses, zombie pirates and now it is all heading towards World's End, what could be more esoteric? Not as good as the first Pirates movie, but very entertaining and worth the time and money in my book.

I bought V for Vendetta, which I had not seen, even though I wanted to and planned to when it was at the theater. I had read the graphic novel years ago and had a pretty good idea of the story. It turned out to be pretty faithful to the graphic novel. Really they did a great job on it and I totally loved the movie!

Documentary Videos -

Alex Jones' Terrorstorm. Alex has bragged that this is his best video so far. I haven't seen all his videos, but I have seen several and this is by far the best. It gives you a history of false flag operations and a lot more. Those loyal Jones' listeners have probably heard it all before, but it is still put together well and has lots of footage that you won't get from just listening to the show.

The Illuminati 2: The Antichrist. As with all Enigma documentaries, this was very professional and interesting. It even included material on rocket scientist John Parsons, who also was the head of the OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis) and very into the occult. He also hung around a lot with another strange character, L. Ron Hubbard. I find Parsons fascinating and I thought this DVD was pretty damn good too.

Books -

Reich of the black sun: Nazi secret weapons and the cold war allied legend, by Joseph P. Farrell. The first part of this book was kind of wasted on me. I didn't need to be convinced that the Nazi's had the bomb all figured out before us, I have seen enough mainstream media stories on that. The second part of this book was much more interesting to me, Nazi UFOs, high ranking Nazis and Nazi scientists escaping to the Artic with their ufos and other technology. It had a bit of everything that Nazi/occult/ufo legends are made of.

Bigfoot!: The true story of apes in America, by Loren Coleman. I haven't read all the Bigfoot books, but this is the true gem among the ones I have read. It pretty much traces the stories of the creature we now call Bigfoot from the very beginnings of America up until the present day. I love all the Native American legend stuff, along with the very early sightings accounts. I suppose I wouldn't expect less than this from Loren Coleman.

Hunt for zero point, by Nick Cook. Cook is a writer for Jane's Defense Weekly, so he is no slouch. If any book can convince you that the government has been secretly working on anti gravity and has probably perfected it, it is this book. Nick Cook references everything. A truly fantastic book for anyone interested in government secret projects.

Sightings -

I did see something strange in the sky while I was outside using my ab lounger a few weeks back. It was cigar shaped, silent, and seemed to glow. It could have been some sort of dirigible, but apparently a very fast one, if so. In the 20 seconds or so that it took me to run in and get my camera, it was totally gone.

I can't wait to see what esoteric Fall brings!

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