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Grey Matter


Looking Back

As I see kids going back to school and my allergies worsen, it reminds me that summer is almost over. That is perfectly OK with me; Fall is my favorite season even though it is also my worse allergy season. Before Fall arrives, let's take a little look back over the summer and how that shaped up for us who are interested in the esoteric.

First there was the arrival of the much awaited Baby Bell, Asia Rayne Bell. Art Bell's retirement came soon after. Art's retirement occurring after c2c has already started a steep slide into the crapper, but giving it that little push to speed it up on its journey.

Ian was taken off c2c live and put back on the Saturday night shift of c2c am. No biggie there, we still have Ian, but I don't think I am imagining things when I say he has been given far worse guests since he no longer has a new show that the network wants affiliates for.

There was the closing down of the c2c message boards. BTW, I am still awaiting that newsletter that streamlink members were promised. Has anyone ever heard another word about it since the email about closing down the boards? I am starting to get suspicious.

Who could forget the ridiculous Ouija Board show? All hype and no action. I suppose that wouldn't have been so bad if the entire summer hadn't been filled with mostly boring and silly guests. Even the live Roswell special managed to suck except for a few brief moments. Yes, even during that Noory was hyping the upcoming Ouija Board special.

Enough of c2c. What else went on over the summer?

There was much talk of what has become known as the Tahoe drone or just the strange craft and the Caret documents provided by someone known as Isaac. Speculation was wild; it was viral marketing for the Transformers movie or dozens of other movies and games, none of which turned out to be true. After about 5 different sets of photos within a couple weeks, said to be taken by different people in different places, the strange craft has not been seen or heard from in a couple months.

The very cool Haiti UFO video turned out to be fake.

Except for the NARCAP report there was nothing new about the O'Hare UFO. Still waiting for Dan Aykroyd's film footage that he claims to have. Could be that someone gave him faked footage since we haven't yet been shown it.

Crop Circle season seemed to go quite well. There were quite a few really lovely circles, including some 3-D ones.

I almost forgot there was also the big 60th anniversary celebration in Roswell. By all accounts, except for it being very hot, everyone seemed to have a great time. I think there was some friction between the UFO Museum events and the City events, but that didn't seem to effect the festival in the least.

It was a hot summer in the UK, so far as crypto creatures. There were more giant cat and phantom beastie sightings than I ever recall. If you follow Nick Redfern's blog you will know that Cannock Chase has been a real hot spot over the summer. UFOs, werewolves and just about anything else you can think of, they have it all.

Here in North America we seemed to come up short on Bigfoot sightings over the summer. I think Tom Biscardi must have scared poor Bigfoot further into the woods with all his Bigfoot hunts and media coverage.

Then there was the Binnall/Kimball summit. Very causal, with lots of beer so far as I could tell. Too early to say if there was any real progress made or even exactly what they were trying to make progress towards. Nonetheless, it is a milestone that will not be passed until the Binnall/Kimball/Hoagland Summit.

I will stop now, but unless something spectacular comes up I will be continuing this next week. I still have books I want to talk about and maybe some other stuff too. See ya then.

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