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The Women of C2C

I had started out thinking I would write about Nancy Lieder, but then I realized I didnít really have much to say about her and what I would have said was not very nice. Nancy like the men who make predictions (i.e. Dames, SDM, Scallion, Wingate) is always wrong and yet somehow she seems to keep some followers, her website and the many things you can buy there going.

Long before we had Lieder we had a somewhat similar woman named Lori Toye. I donít think Lori has been on since George took over, but I did check on her today and her website like Nancyís still exists. Lori was creator of the ďI am AmericaĒ map, which showed the areas that would still be livable after all the natural destruction happening around the year 2000. She still sells that map on her website, but I guess the date for destruction has changed. A few months back I had the treat of catching a rerun of a TV show from the late 1990ís with Lori Toye, along with Gordon Michael Scallion and others who were giving dire predictions for the year 2000. I did not hear one prediction on that show that had come true. It must be very embarrassing to all the people involved that they are still rerunning it in 2005 so everyone can see exactly how wrong they were. So anyhow I guess what I am saying is Nancy Lieder isnít the only failure in that department.

The main difference between the men and women seers on c2c seems to be that the men mostly claim to remote view and the women like Toye, Lieder and J.Z. Knight seem to be more into channeling. There is the occasional claim of psychic ability such as Sylvia Brown, but it doesnít really seem to be any more accurate.

I glanced through the entire c2c guest list a little while ago and the men really out number the women. I would probably feel insulted by this, but in truth there are only a few women on that list that I enjoy hearing as a guest. I think it is possible that I am actually more judgmental of women and expect more from them. Or it could just be there are fewer women on my list because there are fewer women on c2c.

Those that top my list of women guests that I enjoy are - Linda Moulton Howe, Tess Gerritsen, Glynis McCants (in small first hour doses), Barbara McBeath (from the GIS team) and Joyce Riley. I am probably forgetting a few, but those are the ones that really come to mind and I donít think there are many more than that.

There is relative newcomer Paola Harris that I normally enjoy, but I am not completely sure about her. She was very involved in the Brazilian disclosure story and that still has not happened. I have it on good authority that the entire thing was probably a hoax. I donít know if Paola was involved in that part of things, but it makes me feel cautious about her. Being cautious of her does not at all mean I wonít still listen and probably enjoy the shows she is on.

As far as hosts go the only woman one, Barbara Simpson, was my least favorite host ever. I wonder if there will ever be another female host (or hostess) since Barbara was so hated by almost everyone I have ever heard mention her? It could be that she has ruined it forever for women hosts on c2c.

It is strange, in a way, that so many of the guests are men because I used to think women were more likely to admit to believing in the subject matters discussed on c2c. Maybe things are changing in that regard though. Being a bit of a tomboy it is hard for me to always gauge what other women think about things. Maybe these days women are trying to be more serious and donít want anyone to think that they would believe in ďcrazyĒ things, where as men donít really give a damn, which is more like me.

I want to make it clear that I am in no way accusing c2c of being sexist. I know there must be a lot of entertaining, interesting women out there who would fit in on c2c and I am wondering where they are? So if you while reading this have a woman in mind that would be great on coast, but has never been on, drop George a email and suggest them. George is almost completely responsible for choosing guest for the show so he is your best bet to get someone new on. For that matter drop him a line if you know of a great male guest. You can never have too many good guests for a nightly show.

George does like the ladies though. I remembered that I had this rare photo of George cutting a rug with Linda while Glynis and J.Z. (or Ramtha, I am not totally sure) look on, no doubt waiting their turn as I was. If that doesnít attract some new women to the show nothing will. I donít really remember what all went on that night, but at one point Binnall snatched JZís cigar and started doing a routine about Groucho Marx channeling Ramtha. Everyone enjoyed it except for JZ (she is really such a party pooper) who left and then returned later with a flame thrower. Luckily, we all managed to escape unharmed so it was really just good, clean fun for all.

Grey Matters will be back next week. Maybe with some in depth report, but donít count on it.

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