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Grey Matter


Signing off from planet Serpo

Apparently now even Bill Ryan has given up on Serpo. It has been months since the last update and finally he sent out a letter. He says - "It's unlikely in my opinion that there will be anymore Serpo updates…but I still hope to be surprised."

So what happened to the pictures we were promised would be posted sometime this year? I suspect that nobody could deliver on those.

I wonder if George Noory's heart in broken by this turn of events? He was the only person I know of who seemed to have any belief in the Serpo story.

There was Bill Ryan, but even he has now changed his tune, calling Serpo "disinformation mixed with naturally occurring compound errors," but also saying he still believes it contains "a core of extraordinary truth."

Naturally occurring errors? I have no clue what that is suppose to mean. As far as the core of truth, I suspect any tale ever told has some core of truth to it, but fiction is still fiction.

I have been hard on Ryan since the beginning of this Serpo story, but I do now have much reason to believe that he is not the person responsible for creating this fraud. A willing dupe would be how I would now describe him. I came to this conclusion after receiving inside info much of which is supported by information at www.abovetopsecret.com, in the forums. It seems that Ryan was a Scientogist, but he didn't feel the COS was living up to the beliefs of L. Ron Hubbard and so he abandoned the COS in favor of a splinter group called Free Zone, which feels they are living closer to the way L. Ron would have wanted. Free Zone seems to me to be the Scientology version of fundamentalism. By joining Free Zone, Ryan is now on the Scientology hit list, which you can check here. The fact that Ryan is a Scientologist of any sort makes it obvious to me that he is predisposed to believe any strange story, especially if aliens are mentioned. Also, I might mention that this isn't the first story Ryan has latched onto and made himself some sort of player in. He has done this in the past and he apparently enjoys riding the coattails of whatever story he comes across that seems to have hope of becoming infamous in some way.

The only thing we really know about anonymous is that his email address is "thewizardofzin@yahoo.com", I believe it use to be at lycos.com . He gives the name Sylvester McCoglin on his email. This handle "wizard of zin" sounds incredibly familiar to me. I have a feeling I use to be on a list with this person years ago or came across him somewhere on the internet. I have been on so many lists and message boards over the years that it is impossible to remember, also I am sure it probably has been used by more than one person. Whoever this person is and I doubt we will ever know, he is the Ed Wood of ufo tales.

I am disappointed that there will be no photos. I was curious to see what they came up with and how fake looking they would be. Again, I am thinking of Ed Wood and the flying saucers in Plan 9.

One final Serpo update. I just received a message from Robert Collins ("Exempt from Disclosure") and he says that the Canadian Broadcast Company will be televising a special on Project Serpo. Richard Doty, the infamous disinformation officer was his source for this information, along with someone named Paul McGovern. I would assume that Doty is part of this special as he has been a big part of the Serpo story. Too much a part of it for my taste.

So hopefully this will be the last Serpo update and the lack of believers has caused this bad scifi novel to come to an end. Would have liked to have seen the photos, but then again I can easily live without them.

Until the next Noory backed hoax comes about I shall return to the regular UFO and other strange musings.

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