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Grey Matter


Hot Spots and Hot People

We all know there are certain places that are hot spots for paranormal activity. Sedona, Cannock Chase and many other places are known as hot spots.

Are there also hot people? I think so.

If you read John Keel or Andrew Colvin's Mothman Photographer 2, you realize that certain people have a many different types of "paranormal" experiences.

I may not have had as many as some, but I am one of those people.

I am not positive that these "hot people" actually have more such experiences or if they just happen to be paying closer attention. It is probably a bit of both, they pay closer attention to such things, but also because they do pay attention they also attract more of such experiences. One feeds off the other, maybe?

Except for actually seeing a ghost (meaning the spirit of a dead person), I have had most other types of experiences. Although I have tried various substances during my life, none of these experiences have happened while I was on them. In fact, they started as far back as I can remember and long before I tried any such substances.

As a child, I did not realize that such experiences were considered "abnormal." During that brief wonderful time, before I was brain washed by public school, I believed that anything was possible. Even a bit into public school, I still believed but eventually they got to me. Even though the experiences continued, I tried to rationalize them or ignore them.

I broke free of school only to have to go to work with a bunch of people who had been as brain washed as I had been. It wasn't until I broke free of everything and had nobody to impress or to worry if they think I am smart or cool that I really got to think. I realized that such experiences are real. Especially when you don't want them and try to ignore them and they still happen. There has to be something real there.

Certain researchers seem to think that if you have had multiple experiences you are faking them and making things up. I think multiple experiencers are more likely to be telling the truth.

Why some people seem to have esoteric experiences again and again, I can't say for certain. However, it does make sense in a certain way, why would a paranormal entity want to waste time on someone who isn't paying attention or would just shrug off the whole event? That wouldn't be any fun and would be of no use. It would only make sense that they choose those of us that take notice of such things.

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