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Grey Matter

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Dulce On My Mind

Dulce has been on my mind a lot lately. I suppose it started back in March when my friend Norio Hayakawa held his conference right there in Dulce. As with most conferences in NM, it was several hours from my house and started in the morning so I didn't attend, but I did hear a lot about it before and after.

Over the last week, I have been browsing through the new book Underground Alien Bio Lab at Dulce. I think it is the coolest book ever because it not only has one of my articles, but also has my name ... on THE COVER! Of course, you shouldn't buy it just for that reason because you can read that very article where it first appeared, right here at BoA. Frankly, if I were a more serious writer I might be slightly embarrassed by it because reading it again I found it (like most of my articles) was full of grammar errors and typos. Though, if I had to spend a lot of time thinking about such things I would no longer enjoy writing -- so I live with it.

Onto other great things about it, aside from my name on the cover -- For me, though I haven't finished reading it yet, it has reminded me of dozens of things about Dulce and Bennewitz that I had totally forgotten, along with some things I had never heard.

I think the thing that bothers me most about the whole Bennewitz saga is the way many people just dismiss everything he said and consider him to be totally misled, crazy or both. The fact is that there is at least some evidence that the things he claimed were occurring were actually occurring. People dismiss the lights he saw over Kirtland AFB as a laser, but there is a military report about a landing of a saucer like object at Manzano Base during the time frame he was claiming to see these UFOs. They dismiss the Dulce base as an elaborate disinformation operation, but the fact remains that Dulce residents still claim to see UFOs and even small alien like creatures. Cattle mutilations have been going on in that area since before Paul Bennewitz started telling his story and they still happen today.

Norio Hayakawa has come across even more strange stuff about Dulce, like the fact that even though there are under 3,000 people living in Dulce, they have a new Elementary School, a new High School and a new emergency medical center. I have seen photos of one of the schools and it seems very large for the amount of children there would likely be. Aside from that, to Norio's knowledge, none of these building are even being used. He was there on a school day and yet there were no children at these schools. As to the emergency medical center, there are towns with much larger populations in NM that have no such place. There are rumors that these places were built to conceal entrances to underground tunnels.

Even assuming those schools and the hospital will eventually open, where is this money coming from and why? There are two small casinos located on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation, but I find it hard to believe that they generate enough income to build 2 schools and a medical center. Seriously, one is at the Best Western there in Dulce and it didn't even have enough space for Norio to hold his conference there. And speaking of that, many from the town of Dulce and surrounding areas turned out for the conference because whether we outsiders believe or not -- they have experienced enough to believe there is something strange going on.

Strange fortean things going on and even UFOs flying around does not equal an alien base. Really, if there are such places, there are much better locations within NM (and other states) to keep things secret. Why would such a place be built right next to a town, no matter how small that town is? The only possible explanation to me is that it wasn't. If a base exists there, it has been there for possibly thousands of years and was not created or built by the US government (or secret government). I am not convinced there is any base. I am more of the persuasion that there is a portal there, what I would call a thinny, a place where the wall between certain realities, dimensions, universes (whichever you prefer, or all) is thin and easy to slip in and out of. I think the area I live in has a small thinny, but the one up north is huge and spreads across much of southern Colorado and northern NM. Obviously, I have no way to prove that, but it is my feeling about it.

In the book you will find many different ideas about Dulce, an elaborate disinformation operation, alien bio lab, demons trying to create bodies to inhabit and so on. I suppose any of those could be true. I am not much of a believer in demons walking the earth, but I suppose, to many, that is no stranger than thinking there are beings from another dimension coming through a thinny.

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