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Grey Matter


UFO Happenings
and Reaction to Last Week's GM

Last week I wrote about how sightings and such still happen. With Noory on vacation and rebroadcasts most of the week I had nothing to inspire me so I decided to share some of the cool UFO news from last week and prove that there really are still plenty of sightings.

With the big Roswell UFO festival coming up there were plenty of stories about it. So I will start with that before moving on to recent sightings and such.

First there was “Clash of events has UFO Festival organizer upset” from this story. Apparently there is a event to honor Veterans, called One Nation Under God, sponsored by the Church on the Move that was planning a fireworks display during the same time as the UFO parade and Alien invasion fly over by helicopters. As far as I know this was never settled and the Veterans will be having their fireworks and the UFO fest will have it’s parade, but probably not it‘s fly over due to the fact that the helicopters are being used to help fight the wildfires. There is also a story about the helicopters being diverted to fight fires here. If you ask me the ufo fest organizers should be more worried about there not so great line up of speakers.

There was an awesome new UFO photo, taken over Nottingham, England on May 1, 2006 and it can be found here.

We have another ufo caught on camera story, but sadly missing the photo at this site. Cool photo and details of sighting.

A UFO report from Soo, Michigan at this site.

Onto Australia, we have seven UFO video clips from 2006. These can be found here.

Then there was the highly interesting “UFO or orb in Zarquawi bombing video” that David Sereda put up on his my space page in the video section. You will need to have a my space account or register for one to view this. I have been told by my “source” (Hoagie of me, isn’t it?) that this is actually a drone. Still, I had no idea we had drones that could move like that, at a high rate of speed, hover, and make sharp turns. I am also told by my source that we have much technology that I wouldn’t believe. Is that technology created by us or did we “borrow” it from somewhere/someone else as Corso suggests?

I should also mention that every week Brian Vike puts out his HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings, which has plenty more reported sightings and can be found at this site. There is also Peter Davenport’s UFO Reporting Center which is always adding new and recent reports to the Database.

So where is the media getting their information that UFO sighting are all but a thing of the past? I am guessing that in the past, people actually phoned the media or local police with their sightings and now with the internet they have no need to call people who may laugh at them, not believe them and make them look like idiots.

I also want to take this opportunity to make clear that in last weeks Grey Matters I was not trying to say that nobody should research past ufo events. I certainly believe Roswell, Bentwaters, the Phoenix Lights and other old cases to be very important. I was only trying to point out that there are still plenty of new things happening and that people should be also looking into those and discussing them, least the media think that the UFOs have disappeared. I was apparently not clear on that since several people have been a bit upset with me over that article. So no reason to be upset, I am every bit as interested in those old cases as I am things that are happening now and I do consider them important, just not the only ones of importance.

Happy 4th of July to all!

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