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Grey Matter


Ouija Bored

I always knew that Noory would not actually use the Ouija Board on his Special Ouija Board show, but I still hoped I would be wrong.

Unlike some, I do not believe he didn't do it because he was afraid he would let loose evil spirits upon the world. I believe he was afraid that nothing would happen and then he would have to either make stuff up (which he isn't quick enough to do), or admit nothing happened. I wish I could believe that Jordan Maxwell's tough love beat some sense into his head, but I don't. I believe he had it all planned out. I believe he even had Jordan Maxwell on for the specific purpose of an excuse to back out. OK, I really am jaded.

Really what bothered me most about this show, wasn't actually the show, but the hype and the ego that came before and during the show. It was beyond the normal hype and ego and went into a realm that I can only describe as propaganda.

We were suppose to be so afraid of what might happen if Noory touched a Ouija Board. He, with his great power, might let loose demons of such hideous traits that the world might never be safe again! In fact, George Noory, by merely touching a Ouija Board might destroy the world! Even by just thinking about touching a Ouija Board he apparently (according to him) caused several disasters, including, the power outage at the St Louis Arch, Steve Quayle's mother dying and maybe even an earthquake in Indonesia, as well as probably any other disaster mentioned in the news.

WTF? It is one thing to think that mass consciousness experiments, in which you have the entire audience concentrating on, have some sort of an effect, but to think that mentioning a Ouija Board has the same effect is ridiculous. I don't know one person who cared enough about the Ouija Board show to even give it a second thought, let alone worry about it or concentrate on it. Also, why would evil spirits, if they were hanging around waiting for Noory to let them loose upon the world, want to discourage such a show by causing disasters before it even occurred? If they are already loose to cause disasters, why would they need Noory or his Ouija Board?

It is all just hype and ego. Evil spirits are not just hanging around some door waiting for George Noory to open it with his magic Ouija Board. If there are such spirits, I am sure they have plenty of people opening such doors on a daily basis. Are they going to come through by the millions because Noory has a "listening audience?" I seriously doubt it.

Another thing that really irritated me was that after over a year of wanting Jordan Maxwell back as a guest on c2c, he ends up being invited back for this trash. I do not consider that a Jordan Maxwell show and still expect, even demand, that he returns for a full show soon.

I have a lot of doubt in Ouija Boards anyway. My experience with Ouija Boards goes like this: When I was a kid, I really wanted one. Finally, I got one for Christmas, as strange as that may sound. I admit that I did truly believe at the time that I would be able to communicate with the dead, if I had a Ouija Board. I tried it with a couple friends of mine on several different occasions, nothing happened. I tried it by myself several times, nothing happened. Stuck it is a drawer for a couple years and then finally threw it away. No, it didn't find it's way back to the house. I didn't have to figure out how to burn it or other ways to rid myself of it. It went into the garbage truck, to the dump, it never returned. The house I grew up in was always weird, but it was no more weird after the Ouija Board than it was before.

New rule for Noory: If you are going to continually hype something for months on end, cause death and destruction by the mere mention of it and force me to sit through hundreds of calls where people beg you not to do it, then you must follow through and do it, no matter the consequence. Otherwise wasn't all the hype, death and destruction for nothing? Yep, it sure was.

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