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Grey Matter


Droning on Roswell

I know it is Roswell time and I probably should be mentioning the great festival coming up in a couple days and I just did. In fact, I had planned to write exclusively about Roswell this week, but things change.

Instead I will sort of write about Roswell, but in a round about way.

Back when The Day After Roswell, by Col. Corso came out, I was totally fascinated with it. The thought of these alien technologies that we may have was too cool not to ponder, but where was the proof of it, I asked myself? Sure, I know Corso said fiber optics, silicone chips and so on, but I wanted something exotic and those things were not exotic to me.

So there I was 10 years or more from when Corso's book came out and it is almost exactly 60 years after Roswell and this thing pops up on my screen. The thing became known by several different names, The Strange Craft, The Lake Tahoe Drone and many more names.

I remember first looking at those photos and thinking that it was so strange that it probably was a hoax, but at the same time it seemed very workable to me.

Many of you know that I am obsessive about Nazi technology and alleged technology. To me, it was easy to imagine this craft working much like The Bell. Two counter rotating cylinders are a big part of how the bell worked and if you read Isaac's documents you will find that the drone consists of a two-segment cylindrical core. For those of you interested not only in Nazi technology, but also antigravity, I can't recommend a better book than Nick Cook's The Hunt for Zero Point.

I remember being quite dismayed reading various blog posts the following day. People automatically wrote it off as a hoax because it looked weird. Some of these people were Ufologists whom I had some respect for and I just couldn't figure out why they seemed to know nothing about antigravity machines (or reported ones anyway), if they had, they should have known that is not an entirely unworkable design. Yeah, there are some things on it that I am not quite sure about, but I still think it could work, assuming antigravity works as I have heard. I also could not understand why certain Ufologists did not withhold there opinion until there was some proof one way or another, which is what I did and am still doing. Assuming it was alien technology, why would we think that it would look like our technology? Alien being the keyword in alien technology. To laugh it off based solely on the way it looked seemed not to be a very scientific approach to me.

Over the weeks I watched as more photos were taken, by different people, in different places and were also laughed off as being part of a hoax. I believe there are now 5 sets of photos supposedly taken by different people.

While I did think the design could very well work the thing that threw me off from saying so (other than the laughter it would bring to certain other people) was the writing on the craft. Now if this is a military drone, as I suspected, why would it have such writing? Yes, my first thought was because it is one of their tests. I am convinced they do tests, like the Phoenix lights (though I am not saying that was necessarily them), just to see how people react. I am sure there are various psychological things they are testing, but I think they do test us. Mostly they are testing us in the ufo community, because it is doubtful that people who are not interested in the subject know anything at all about the drone or any of their other tests, whatever those may be.

Obviously, if it is them, it would mean that they are letting this thing fly around in places that they must know that people are likely to get photos of it. They don't want too many people to see it, so they aren't flying it over LA or any other populated area, but it is obvious they want a few people to see it or they would only fly it over secured areas. Only a few people seeing it makes it totally deniable, even with photos and yet still gets it out into the ufo community.

Then there is the second explanation, it is the aliens or whatever they are. This seems unlikely to me. I just can't come up with any reason why the aliens would be sending their drones out to hover over power lines and where they would know that someone may see and photograph their drone. That doesn't mean that they absolutely would not do that, it only means that I have no idea why they would.

The third explanation is that it is a massive hoax, by that I mean just some ordinary people, not military, government or whoever they are. They have people set up in different places who are willing to send fake photos and talk to Linda Moulton Howe on the phone. They also have produced the documents and photos that the fake Isaac will eventually share with the world. It is possible and yet I think a hoax of that sort is unlikely to be done by some ordinary people just wanting to cause a stir. Also, they could have read Nick Cook's book as I have, but that wouldn't account for them adding certain things to the craft that I haven't seen mentioned in any book. I would think hoaxers would stick with just the basic two cylinder design. Really I think regular hoaxers would stick to a known ufo design, a saucer, triangle, boomerang or whatever else.

My gut feeling at this point in time is that the craft is real. Now whether it is truly antigravity or alien technology, I couldn't say. That may well be the hoax part. It is a little too convenient that the weird writing is visible on the craft, especially writing so reminiscent of what we have heard was on the Roswell craft. I hate to be so conspiracy minded, but I think the government, secret government or someone like that is fucking with us.

Maybe it will turn out to be one of the half dozen or more viral promotions people have sent me email about, but I have no proof of that either.

In a way it would be nice if it turned out to be a viral promotion because that way we would eventually know for certain what it was. Any of the other choices and it is likely to remain a mystery.

60 years later, Roswell is still a mystery. Sure, people can write all their books and present what evidence they have, but that doesn't absolutely, without a doubt, prove anything.

Personally, I have to admit that I love the mystery of Roswell, ufos and the paranormal in general. If the government came forward tomorrow and presented the facts about Roswell and even if it were aliens, it would kind of ruin it for me. I know that is selfish and really the world should know the truth, but I really like not knowing and coming up with my outlandish theories. My preconceptions and theories about aliens might be far more exciting than the truth. Really, more so than that, the idea of ufos and aliens given me cause to think about bizarre, seemingly unreal things and if I knew the truth about them, even if it were as outlandish as I can imagine, it would no longer be so and I would have to come up with something new to spark my imagination and get me thinking about things that are not suppose to be.

So I am happy for Roswell to remain a mystery, along with all the other mysteries out there. Maybe we will be able to add the drone to that list, though it does take time for something to become a true mystery.

Roswell has been top of the mystery list for many years and I am sure it will continue to be. Certain people look at the Roswell festival and all the silliness and seem to think they are being made fun of because they are serious researchers. Although, I can understand that, I tend to look at the Roswell fest in a different way. I look at it as more of a celebration of something incredible. The only real way people can come up with to celebrate something so incredible is probably a bit bizarre and seems quite a bit silly, but it is a celebration after all.

At this point I may or probably may not make it to Roswell this year, but no matter what, I will be there in spirit and I will be celebrating in my own way. That week does not go unmarked for me, nor does it go uncelebrated.

Addendum : Saturday night and I am just about to send this to Tim, but I thought I should mention a new drone photo has been sent in to UFO Casebook, you will find it here.

Second, I don't think I am done with Roswell yet and next week you can expect a GM about the recent Walter Hout deathbed confession.

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