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Grey Matter

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From the White House to Phobos via C-Span

What an interesting week for Ufology!

There was the White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, being asked about UFOs on C-Span. Nothing very satisfying came from that. They haven't landed on the White House lawn, so probably they don't exist. I did see this mentioned on MSNBC as one of those stories reported on only for it's entertainment value.

The more interesting story, to me, was Buzz Aldrin's comments on C-Span. Buzz, actually told the world that he believes there is a Monolith on Phobos! Of course, the mass media like CNN, MSNBC and FOX seem to have totally ignored this story. Possibly I just don't watch any of those enough, but I haven't seen it mentioned at all. What? Nobody on the mass media 24 hour news channels want to mock an American hero that believes there is a monolith on Phobos? I guess they think it is better to just ignore it. After all, if they mentioned it, even in a mocking way, given the respectability of the person who said it -- people might actually believe it! Yes, even with the snickering.

Now, you would think that given the fact that many of the men that are among the few to actually go into space believe there are UFOs, monoliths on Phobos and basically other life out in space, you would think that would cause the media to actually seriously investigate that topic. Instead, they (or most of them) still have the nerve to report on it as a big joke, something that only loonies would believe in.

Of course, it isn't just American astronauts that believe in such craziness. There are also plenty of cosmonauts that believe it and claim to have seen unidentified flying objects.

The only thing that makes me feel slightly better is knowing that one day, should the truth of all this become public knowledge somehow, the media will end up looking like the jerks they truly are for ignoring and laughing off the biggest story ever. They will look nearly as bad as the government and whether or not it was a true conspiracy to cover things up, it will likely be perceived as such by many.

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