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Grey Matter


Big Senseless Assumptions

Normally, I find Larry King's UFO specials to be rather uneventful. There are the Ufologists and the skeptics. Most times I feel as though the skeptics are always allowed to take over the show. They butt in when someone else in answering a question and when they are asked a question they just keep talking until Larry cuts them off. They never run out of things to say on their own, even though it is mostly the same dribble over and over again.

For the most part, I choose to stay away from the skeptics. They piss me off and it just isn't worth my time and effort to argue with them. I am content to leave them alone, so long as they leave me alone. Due to that, I often forget what true asses they can be, but Larry King having Bill Nye on the show completely refreshed my memory.

First he made sure to use my UFO debunkery rule #1, which is --

Point out that an "unidentified" flying object is just that, and cannot be automatically assumed to be extraterrestrial. Do this whether or not anyone involved *has* assumed it to be extraterrestrial.

He also used this one --

Maintain that there cannot possibly be a government UFO coverup but that it exists for legitimate reasons of national security!

That second one is often used and none of the debunkers seem to realize exactly how stupid it is. First, they spend lots of time saying how there is no way the government could cover up UFOs and then they spend time saying that they are covering up advanced military technology. They can either keep things covered up or they can't. It seems to me that if they can keep one thing covered up then they can also keep the other.

From there, they go on to make the assumption that whatever these beings are, they would want to land on the White House lawn and let everyone on earth know they are here. That they would not want their presence covered up. That is a pretty big assumption to make and one that has no evidence behind it. It isn't even logical for UFOs to do that. If humans could travel to other worlds, is that what we would do? We would just land on the lawn of some planet's government and announce ourselves?

What would the aliens say after landing on the White House lawn? -- although we observed that your planet has many wars and battles going on, people starving and lots of pollution, you still seemed like a great bunch of people to meet. Of course, that is as far as they would get because they would then be surrounded by the military and secret service agents. They are then whisked away to be humiliated with interrogations and medical examinations.

I say this, if we find a planet with beings on it, especially if they are human like and warring with one another, lets send Bill Nye and other such people to land and have a chat with them. I bet if they were offered such a chance, then they would realize pretty quickly why the aliens don't land.

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