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Grey Matter


Zero Degrees of Separation

A certain person made comments recently, as a lively discussion of Gary McKinnon went on, that politics should be left off a ufo list and we should get back to the subject of ufos. Several people commented that you canít really separate ufos from politics and I for one totally agree with that.

Especially with the McKinnon case, which has many layers, how do you separate politics from that? First the computers he is accused of hacking were owned by government agencies. Second, he is being brought up on charges by the government. Third, he is being extradited using new laws just recently passed by the governments of the US and the UK. Lastly, the information he was seeking would prove the lies of the government. How do you keep politics out of that? It isnít like he was accused of hacking my computer. I doubt any charges would be filed if he had done that.

Other than not bringing up politics, there was another message, from another person that Gary should be punished because he broke the laws and therefore it doesnít really matter what anyone thinks about what Gary did and none of our opinions on the matter mean anything. I also disagree with that. Throughout American history challenging laws and pointing out unfairness is part of our culture. It is what made this country. There was a tea tax, that was the law, we didnít want to abide by it and we found a way not to. Tea in itself is not political, but not something able to be separated from politics in that case.

I am not saying necessarily that Gary should have no punishment at all, but I think it should be very light, like probation. Gary is important for far more than trying to find UFO information, he has also drawn attention to certain laws which the people of the UK may wish to reconsider, if possible. I know if I were living there I would not be happy with such laws. Here in America, we can bitch about any law we donít agree with and blame it on whoever we think is responsible for it.

I do not believe you can separate ufos from politics period. While I am not a exopolitics follower, if ufo/aliens do exist then there are things the government is hiding. Can you separate government from politics? I suppose there are those who are diplomatic enough to do so, but I think most people would have a hard time doing that. It is like trying to separate NASA from politics, it is impossible.

If just a small portion of what we hear of ufo/alien subjects are true, Roswell, Area 51, abductions, secret meetings with high government officials, and so on, then the government plays quite a large role in such matters. They have spaceships, bodies and even have had talks with the aliens. So again, exactly how do you separate ufos from politics?

OK, so maybe this personís point was that we are bashing the Bush government for prosecuting McKinnon, but isnĎt the government that is in office now the ones that passed the new extradition laws and are using those to prosecute him? Maybe his point was that even if the government takes no security precautions and someone gets into their computer then they have no blame in the matter. What do my tax dollars go to? Arenít they suppose to help protect the US? It isnĎt like making people use passwords cost anything anyway. I guess you wouldnít want to hold those administrators that were too lazy to use passwords accountable for anything. After all, they are only suppose to be safe guarding information for the protection of the US. Gee, do you think if McKinnon could get in maybe the North Koreans and even the Iranians did too? When will they be brought to trial?

McKinnon, Roswell, Kecksburg, Area 51 and so on all go hand and hand with the government and politics. Politics and ufos have never been separate and never will be.

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