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Grey Matter


News Bites

There have been a couple big stories in the last week or so and I might as well give them a mention.

First is the Roswell Rock. This is what looks to be a rock with the same image that is seen in a 1996 crop circle in England. Robert Ridge, of Roswell, claims to have found the rock in 2004 while hunting in Cedar Hill, which is about 17 miles away from one of the reported 1947 UFO crash sites.

Taking Robert Ridge at his word and assuming he did find the stone just as he says, still doesn't mean it is alien. It could have been carved with lasers right here on planet earth. In fact, it could be someone's idea of a joke to have such a thing carved and then leave it to be found not very far from the Roswell crash site. Could even be government disinformation of some sort. It doesn't seem that it would be much advantage in the disinfo department, but sometimes I think they like to do such things just for fun.

Searching the Internet I found several sites that do custom engraving of river rocks. The rocks they engrave look very much like the Roswell stone. You can view my comparisons here.

Next is a more meaty story -- The Stephenville radar returns.

We now have solid evidence that something was in sky, exactly where the witnesses claimed and that it was not any type of craft that had a beacon. I suppose it could have been some sort of secret military craft flying without a beacon, but right now it is just something that is unknown. I shouldn't say "it" because there were actually many solid craft on the radar returns that did not have beacons.

I am very happy to see some tangible evidence. To my knowledge there are no photos or videos of the solid craft that was seen that night, so evidence like radar returns are really important.

The thing I find really interesting about this story is that these objects were headed towards President Bush's ranch in Crawford and were apparently chased away by the military. The President was not there at the time according to official records. I say "chased away by the military" because that is what the witnesses report, that there were fighter jets sent up that chased these crafts.

Was it the purpose of whoever may have been controlling these objects to send a message to President Bush? Assuming we have any back engineered technology, could it have been a message from those higher up in the chain of command than President Bush? A message from beings not of this world? Maybe more of a threat than a message?

Whatever these objects may have been, the radar reports have made certain that we have not heard the last about Stephenville and that Ufologists will be studying the case for years to come.

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