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Grey Matter

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Fear Mongering Swine

Sometimes certain things just scream CONSPIRACY. To me, swine flu is one of those things. Remember all those "news" reports when it was first discovered? They made it sound like it was sweeping through whole cities and killing everyone in its path. Every once in a while someone would mention that it hadn't even killed many people and far more people die from the common flu, but then it was right back to the hysteria.

Just a couple days ago I came across an article that was so full of propaganda scare tactics that I could hardly believe it. It starts out with these bullet points:

* Vaccine to be offered in fall if needed
* States need plan to close schools in worst case scenario
* Hospitals need surge capacity

Hospitals need surge capacity? If far more people die from the common flu, why don't they need "surge capacity" every flu season? Basically what I have always been told by doctors when I have had the flu (which hasn't happened in years) is that my trip there was pretty much a waste of time because there is nothing they can do about the flu. Now, certain articles will tell you that swine flu is a worry because it is far more contagious than the regular flu ... more contagious, but not as deadly. Should you become deathly ill from it (which isn't very likely), the only thing a hospital can do is to give you Tamiflu. By the way, most articles recommend not leaving your house if you think you have swine flu and, instead, contacting a doctor who can give you a prescription for Tamiflu, if he/she thinks it is necessary and that you should have someone healthy pick up for you so that you don't infect more people. So where is this surge going to come from?

Already, there seems to be a plan forming to vaccinate school children (and probably teachers). The word "mandatory" hasn't been used yet, but I wouldn't doubt that it eventually will be and that they will force this upon anyone who must attend or work at a public school. In this article, it says that this vaccination is separate from a regular flu shot, meaning if you were really into getting flu shots, you would actually need both to be "safe."

As I remember, Swine Flu first surfaced in January. So that means that in 7 months, they have come up with a vaccine, but I thought such pharmadoodles were suppose to be thoroughly tested, which normally takes at least a couple years? How can you thoroughly test something for all side effects and long term effects in only 7 months? You can't. Not that the results of such studies are always honest anyhow, there have been several instances over past years where pharma companies knew their products could do more harm than good and they covered up those findings.

The article later states:

"We are likely to have a different target population," Sebelius said. "We will be seeking partnerships with schools potentially and other vaccination sites."

Time will have to be spent writing consent forms so parents are not blindsided when schools ask to vaccinate their children, Sebelius said.

Time is short.

Time is short? It is a flu (and not even a particularly deadly one), not the plague. How many parents will take the time to make an informed decision after reading statements like "time is short"? That makes it sound like you had better rush the child somewhere and get that vaccination ASAP or death will surely be paying a call to your home.

When I was a child, we didn't even have flu shots and I am sure that I got every flu that went through the school. I can remember being terribly sick, but I am still alive and, so far as I know, nobody I went to school with ever died from the flu and that likely would have been a big story, so I don't think I just missed it.

I am not a medical person nor do I know anything about medical science, but I can't help but feel there is something necessary about children getting the flu, viruses, colds and so on. I think all of them probably help build up the immune system. Sure, no parent wants their kid to be sick, I understand that, but I think it could be possible that it will make them healthier later in life and, by trying to outwit every sickness and germ, we may be creating adults that are weaker and sicker.

Yes, I could get into conspiracies about Tamiflu and vaccinations, but I will save those for some other day. Chances are you have heard most of them already anyway.

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