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Blogging is a good thing

As I am sure most everyone knows by now Richard C. Hoagland has a new blog appropriately called "Captain's Blog." I think this is great! I wish more coast to coast guests would start blogging. As I write this you are now allowed to comment on his posts, I will be sadly disappointed if he does a Dames and starts deleting comments that don't agree with him. I have to say that I haven't noticed many deleted posts and people commenting on the Captain's Blog seem to be mostly fans of RCH so far.

The potential of Captain's Blog is mind boggling. A format where Hoagie is totally unrestricted in what he writes could supply a endless amount of entertainment and maybe even information. I have to admit I didn't realize until he appeared on coast last week that he had been restricted up until this point. Apparently according to him he was restricted by not being able to post opinions only actual science information. Not only that, but he had to get the "nerds" to post it on his website for him. Personally I think the stuff on Enterprise Mission is still just opinion because depending on what scientist you are talking to it is either true, a exaggeration of facts or a complete bunch of bull. There are very few things in this world that someone will not argue about whether or not it is a fact especially on the internet. With a comment section, there will undoubtably be people commenting who have only one purpose to their life which is to drive RCH bonkers and it will be really interesting to see how he reacts to this. It will also be interesting to see if he starts posting on topics other than his normal conspiracy and space stuff.

Now that Hoagie has got the ball rolling I am sure there will be other coast guests that will start copying him and getting there own blogs. Really how much longer will Sean David Morton be able to resist the urge? I wonder what he would call his blog? Maybe Glynis McCants could get one and call it the G-Spot. I wonder what a Father Wingate blog would be like?

I think a Noory blog post would go something like this - "Hi everyone. I have had a really busy day so I don't have much time to write. Hoagland has called 22 times and emailed 18 because he wants to be on the show tonight and says he has something real important to talk about. Something about being able to pin point the location of the loch ness monster at anytime using hyper dimensional physics. I emailed him back reminding him that he was just on the show last night and I couldn't possibly put him on again, but still he keeps calling. Why doesn't he just post it on his blog? Doesn't he realize that the Steven Quayle has to be on first hour since he has really important new information on a terrorist plot that could happen as soon as tomorrow and that we as a nation will be in really deep doo doo if they get away with crossing the Mexican border with their truck load of exploding cigars and vibrating panties? I hope he doesn't try to blackmail me with that porno star incident again."

Blogs are really just tools for people to use for their own selfish purpose. My blog is kind of like a filing cabinet for me, it is a place I can go back to when I really need to reread that story about the captured family of bigfoots in Oklahoma. Like all blogs mine was created to satisfy my selfish need to keep track of such stories and as a place to write my "deep feelings" about such subjects. I seriously doubt most other people care too much about how I feel on a subject, but at least I have the record of it for my own selfish purposes.

I am sure Hoagie's blog suits his selfish purposes, but it also suits mine because since commenting on it traffic to my blog has increased by a incredible amount. So keep blogging Hoagie! Blogging is a good thing.

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