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Grey Matter



Hard to believe this 60 year old story would have a new twist, but it kind of does.

Those of us who follow such things have known the name Walter Haut for years. We know he was the public information officer who put out the press releases on Roswell. We thought we knew Walter Haut, but we really didn't. We thought he was just the guy who put out the press releases and that he knew nothing more, but maybe Haut was hiding a BIG secret.

According to Haut he saw "flying saucers" and little grey men. It is rather hard to argue with or even disbelieve a man who only says such things after he is dead.

It is always very easy for skeptics and others to say someone is in it only for the money. Maybe certain people are selling books or racking up fees at ufo conferences. It is rather hard to say that about someone who didn't release anything until after they were dead. You didn't have to pay to read the statement, it was all over the internet. There will be no book (that Hout will benefit from), there will be no conferences.

However, it is my understanding that his family does benefit from the ufo museum in Roswell. If that is true and it does seem likely, it means that the debunkers will start off on the people only do things for money road. In my experience, most people who make up tales don't do it for the money, but rather for attention. Sure money is always a nice bonus, but most do not do it for that reason. I don't know why it is so hard for the debunkers to realize that some people tell tales for the same reason they try to destroy them, attention. Not to say that debunkers are immune from accepting money, they would love to sell books and other items just as much as ufologists.

I suppose some of the more jaded people could say he made it up so he would be sure to be remembered, but he would have been remembered anyhow. He was the guy who put out the flying saucer story and the one who retracted it. Really, he was the man behind the Roswell UFO museum too. He would have been remembered in Roswell lore for so long as it existed.

Yet, here we are 60 years later with this new twist. Not so much a new twist, as others have reported seeing the ship, debris and some even reported having seen aliens, or at least being asked for child sized coffins.

Now there are some trying to say that Walter Haut had Alzheimer's and he came up with this story because he couldn't remember what actually happened. I have unfortunately seen Alzheimer's disease up close and personal and I can tell you that would never happen. People with Alzheimer's do not make up grand tales of something they did not experience. They have a hard enough time remembering things they did experience, they do not have the brain capacity to make up tales, not even in the early stages of the disease. If anything, people with Alzheimer's are brutally honest about what they do remember.

If there is lying involved in this, my feeling is that it isn't from Walter Haut, but maybe someone who might have wrote up that document and got him to sign it. Sure, you can get someone in that condition to sign just about anything. Just tell them what you want them to think it is because they won't know the difference.

All that said, I do not even know that Haut had Alzheimer's, it is just what is going through the rumor mill. I have also heard several people who had contact with Haut say that it is absolutely not true and that he was of sound mind.

Does Walter Haut's statement even matter? Isn't there enough proof that something strange happened at Roswell?

Those who think something happened there will continue to think that with or without Haut's statement and the debunkers will never be convinced, no matter what witness comes forward. It is very doubtful that even the true skeptics (meaning people who are truly skeptical and not debunkers) would be convinced by the statement of a dead man. So things are really just as they always were and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

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