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Grey Matter


UFO Flaps and the Media

I could be wrong, but it seems to me that the UK is having an honest to God UFO flap.

For probably over a year now, when people ask where is most active for UFO sightings, I have said the UK. (Even my broker actually asked me that. WTF? Maybe he was just trying to be polite?)

I base that on the news reports I post at The Debris Field every day. I don't know if UK news sources are just more likely to report such things, I suppose that is possible, but I do know there are more from the UK and have been for quite some time.

However, more so than just there being more reports, some of the reports have been noticeably spectacular, especially in this last few weeks or so.

Around June 19th, a police helicopter in Wales gave chase to a UFO after it almost collided with their helicopter. A short time after the incident, there were attempts to explain this incident with Chinese Lanterns. Chinese lanterns would not go fast enough that a helicopter would need to chase them or at least I would not think so.

I have come to hate Chinese Lanterns because they seem to have become to debunkers what weather balloons used to be -- an excuse for any unidentified flying object.

Then on June 25th, another sighting was reported. This one involved 3 soldiers who filmed 13 spinning UFOs with a cell phone camera above a military base. It was also put out by the media that it could have been Chinese lanterns.

Those are two incidents that were widely covered by the UK news that happened within a week. Australian news also reports many interesting UFO incidents.

Do the interesting ones in the United States just not make the mainstream news very often?

There was O'Hare which is almost 2 years ago now and then there was Stephenville and for the most part if there have been other UFO stories the US news has totally ignored them.

I don't expect them to report each and every UFO sighting, just the spectacular ones and I have no way of knowing if they do that or not. If they do, the aliens must not like us much in comparison to the UK, Australia, South and Central America and probably many other places.

I suppose I could blame George Bush for that, since nobody seems to like America as much as they used to. In truth, George Bush and UFOs are totally related. Well, in so much as the US media only reporting what they want. There was plenty of evidence that there were no WMDs in Iraq, but they decided to beat the war drum for the President. In the case of UFOs there is more evidence they exist than there ever was for the WMDs and they ignore that.

Even in the UK, and elsewhere where such stories get far more coverage, it is done in a sensationalized manner. That is better than not at all, but it is still considered to be not an entirely serious story.

For some reason the media in most places in the world does not consider strange things flying about the sky to be any type of serious story. It doesn't matter if you have photos or video, they treat it as some sort of funny filler story.

Why is that? I honestly don't know.

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