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Grey Matter


Grey Matters - The 666 Edition

Is it just a coincidence that Grey Matters would come out on this day? I don’t think Noory would think so. "There are no coincidences," according to him. There must be something sinister about it, but try as I might I can’t figure out what.

What does 666 even mean? We are told it is the number of the beast, but couldn’t they just have given his name and why does he even have a number? It is too short to be any number someone would use like a Social Security number, phone # or zip code. I suppose it could be part of an address, like 666 Satan Drive.

There have been many articles recently suggesting that 666 was not even translated correctly and is really some totally different number. Others argue that isn’t true, so who knows?

I have also heard that the number 666 refers to Nero Caesar and that if you were to add up the numerical value the letters his name had at the time you would get exactly 666. That seems like far too much of a coincidence, even for me. Also, it would make sense, in a way.

Not much is known about John of Patmos who wrote the book of Revelation except that he was exiled to the Greek island of Patmos where he wrote what is called the Book of Revelation or the Revelation of St. John. Some say this happened during Nero’s rule, but it seems more likely to have been during the rule of Domitian.

Nero committed suicide by slitting his own throat. So sudden was Nero’s “disappearance” that many thought he had fled Rome, but would return to reclaim his throne. In fact, the rumor that Nero would return was fairly widespread and no doubt put much fear into the early Christians whom he had persecuted terribly. Nero hated Christians, he often lit his parties with the bodies of burning Christians.

St. John tells of the beast having a fatal wound that is miraculously healed. Perhaps he thought Nero’s wound had been healed and Nero had risen to become Domitian. Or perhaps he was just continuing to spread the rumor that Nero would return. Maybe he is right, maybe Nero will return in our modern times as what we are told will be the antichrist, anything is possible or so I am told.

I am writing this prior to 6/6/6 so I have no actual clue of what that day will bring, except for the opening of the new Omen film, Grey Matters and an end to voting in the Ghost Photo Contest.

Will there be calamity on a mass scale? Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes erupting and all types of natural disasters?

Maybe the “antichrist” will suddenly make himself known by taking control of the satellites and giving us a speech on prime time TV about how we should all bow down and worship him. Why do I see John Lovitz in his devil suit saying “worship me” when I try to picture this event?

It would probably be a good day for the US to stage a phony terrorist attack. A terrorist attack real or fake on that day would just prove that terrorism has something to do with Satan and maybe even the worship of Satan. If you don’t think the Government would spin that one until the spin machine broke you have not been paying attention. Of course, the extremist Muslims would also spin that by saying it happened on that day because the US is the great Satan.

Almost everyone has someone they equate with Satan. For some it is Bush, Clinton, Bill Gates, Osama, Saddam, Hitler or sometimes the mysterious unknown ones in the Illuminati. We can all think of people who we consider downright evil, like child rapist and murderers, but these people are around us every single day and aren’t waiting for a special date to start in on their evil doings.

I don’t expect any abnormally horrible thing to happen on 6/6/6. I suppose it will be just like any other day where evil people do evil things, a few horrible things will be reported on the news and life will go on as always.

Assuming nothing too horrible happens I will return next week with another edition of Grey Matters. See ya then!

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