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Grey Matter

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Celebrity Death x 3

It was actually my friend Micah Hanks that got me to thinking about this. He wrote a post that you will find here. It was that which made me realize that I did in some weird way expect that Jeff Goldblum was really dead or that someone else was soon to die.

I woke up Thursday afternoon, fed the cats, made coffee, checked my email and then checked my Facebook page and friends updates. It is from those updates that I found out that Farah Fawcett had passed away. That was a bummer, but not unexpected at that point. She had been in the hospital and near death for weeks from what I had heard.

We had planned to drive up higher in the mountains and do some hiking with the dog, which we did. We came home and I went upstairs to change. When I came down Britton quickly turned the TV channel and tried to make me guess who else had died. I didn't guess Michael Jackson and he had to tell me.

When I checked Twitter, I found there was a rumor that Jeff Goldblum had died too. Even though I thought to myself that it was likely a hoax, the fact that it would make 3 seemed right and that it could possibly be true. Of course, when the rumors of Harrison Ford's death started coming out too, it made Goldblum an obvious hoax.

It kind of seemed that people out there were thirsty for celeb blood that day. Like Farah and MJ weren't enough for them, they had to make up a couple extras.

As I think I have written about in Grey Matters before, I was raised with the concept of 3. Although, the way I was raised that doesn't necessarily mean 3 deaths. For example, if someone close to you dies that doesn't mean 3 people close to you will die. It only means that you will have 3 personal tragedies. Also, the 3's never have to occur all in one day, but they do normally occur within the same season. Although, I think my grandmother was pretty loose in that area and if you had 3 great tragedies within a year, that still counted.

Back to Goldblum, he didn't really fit into the 3's. Both Farah and Michael Jackson were pop culture icons and although I love Jeff Goldblum, to my knowledge there has never been millions of people copying his hair style nor has he convinced any mass of people to copy his dance steps. It seems to me that whatever tragedy happens next has to be more equal to those two.

Then again, maybe "Atrueoriginall" was right in her comment at Micah's blog and Ed McMahon is the first of 3. Really, nobody under a certain age even really knows who Farah or MJ were, so McMahon probably fits in well. Oh, they somewhat know who MJ was, but only due to various scandalous news stories. Ed McMahon was certainly on what could be considered an iconic show for many years, so why not him?

Some thoughts about our dearly departed -

I have nothing to say about McMahon.

Farah, I loved and especially after seeing her cancer special. She was so brave and wouldn't give up, she reminded me of my sister. I also thought that special was a true love story, between her and Ryan -- it had everything. Yes, I also remember being in grade school and how beautiful and popular she was. All the boys had her poster and all us girls were copying her hair.

MJ, while not really a fan of his music, I also don't feel qualified to comment since I have only ever heard his popular songs and I really know nothing about music - other than what I like or don't like. The child molestation stuff - also, I couldn't say for certain one way or another. Although, I do blame him as much as the media because you don't need kids to spend the night. Send them home with their parents at night or at least put them in a separate room. One thing I do like about MJ is that he was probably the world's biggest woo-woo. People may call some of my friends and myself woo-woos, but we can't hold a candle to MJ. So kudos to him for that!

Hopefully we have had enough celebrity deaths for a while. Because death is bad, but also because right now I have almost no idea what else is going on in the world since 95% (at least) of the news is MJ, even though there has been nothing really new since the day it happened. Of course, it was the weekend and the media is lazy, maybe things will be more back to normal on Monday. Hopefully at least by Tuesday when you read this.

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