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Grey Matter


The Peeping Grey

How can I not comment on the BIG nothing story, that grainy, shadowy image of a peeping Tom alien? As someone at theusofe already commented - he traveled all this way to peek in windows?

Apparently that is what we are suppose to believe. They travel space, time or dimensions just to peek into windows.

Geez, I wasted all that time thinking these alien creatures were advanced beings that could beam into rooms, beam people out of them and I gave them credit for being able to see through walls. If I am to believe Romanek's video/photo they still have to peek into rooms the same way we do. What a disappointment!

As I have said before, I don't believe hoaxes actually harm Ufology, at least not for those truly interested in it. Those who aren't willing to look for the truth aren't interested and wouldn't care anyway.

Still, I do find this entire media circus that Jeff Peckman created to be rather embarrassing. The media is eating it up. Most media people are too damn lazy to actually look for the truth in Ufology and so they love stories like this that prove they are right not to waste their time. With or without these type of stories they wouldn't waste their time, but it does give them a convenient excuse.

Perhaps I am premature to call this video a hoax after only seeing one frame of it, but it has all the marks of a hoax.

First, just the silliness of an alien having to peek into windows.

Second, the fact that in order to see the entire video you will have to purchase some upcoming documentary. That is always a BIG sign of a hoax. Although, given what has been presented so far I doubt that there will be anyone lining up to purchase the documentary.

If they (whoever is behind it all) thought creating this media circus would somehow help to sell more of their DVDs, I think they miscalculated on a grand scale. Especially by releasing the silly looking photo.

As I was getting ready to wrap this up today I came across a post at The Gralien Report. The title is "Puppet looks better than real alien." Micah A. Hanks points out that the alien in the recreation video made by the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society is more real looking than the alien in Romanek's video. That made me chuckle because it is totally true.

That is another thing about the photo taken from the video. The alien in it looks more like a reflection on the glass than an actual being. My opinion of that might change if I saw the actual video, but that is my feeling about the photo right now. Since there is no way I would pay money to see the video I will just have to wait for it to be posted at You Tube. Although unless there is some big buzz about the entire video actually looking like the real thing I probably won't waste my time watching it on You Tube either.

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