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Lesley’s “wingnut” musings

I found the infamous 9/11 debate on c2c very entertaining. Still I can’t really say there were many actual points made between the arguing and certainly not enough of them to change my mind either way. I suppose if it really came down to it I would have to say I lean a bit closer to the Alex Jones side, but that said I certainly don’t believe everything Alex has to say. Still I suppose in Art’s book I would still be considered a “wingnut” and I don’t mind a bit.

One thing I believe for certain is that enough people in the Government had knowledge that something of this sort was being planned that had they put concentrated effort toward it they could have prevented it from happening. So that leaves me with only a couple choices of why it did happen, either they were too disorganized to be effective or they wanted it to happen. I personally think both are true. While I think most people in the CIA or FBI were just too disorganized to stop it I also believe there are certain people higher up that wanted it to happen.

To say that they had no clue that anything like that could happen is just a lie. I remember very clearly while Bill Clinton was President and man tried to fly a small plane into the White House. Even without the intelligence they gathered about terror plots that alone should have alerted them that this could happen on a much bigger scale. Is our government really that stupid? I am sure some people will think they are, but the fact is that they can be very smart when it serves their purpose.

Another thing that really bothers me that could cause me to lean more towards the Alex Jones side is the way the buildings collapsed. Besides the fact that the fire was not hot enough to melt steel I have seen buildings that have collapsed due to fire (that were not steel) and they did not implode the way the towers did, they fell to one side. One of the guests the other night put forward a interesting thought which was that there is evidence that the government wires certain building that have highly classified data in them to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. So being that the towers had many different government agencies in it that could be the answer to why they were brought down. Does that mean the government or secret government set the whole thing up? It does not convince me, but anything is possible.

Within c2c itself is a big disagreement between George and Art of what they think took place. Art doesn’t even seem willingly to admit there could have been some foreknowledge of the event and George on the other hand seems to believe anything Alex Jones tells him. Art’s good friend Whitley doesn’t seem completely sure what went on, but much like me seems to lean toward the Alex Jones side without believing absolutely everything Alex says. How did Art end up outside the conspiracy loop? It is unlike him, but some people just do not want to believe such things because it makes their life happier not to.

I think this debate will go on endlessly just like the JFK conspiracy debate, people will take sides and “conspiracy wingnuts” on the one side will never be truly believed no matter what type of proof they may come up with. Maybe not believed is too strong, I think most people now believe that JFK was not killed by Oswald acting alone, but the media and the government does not really acknowledge that such a thing is possible. So I guess it would be better to say that it will never be officially acknowledged that there was a conspiracy or that there could have been a conspiracy. So as so often happens it is doubtful that the American people will ever know the whole truth of what really happened on 9/11 and maybe a lot of them really don’t want to know anyway.

I guess I find it hard to understand why so many people seem to fully trust the government or at the very least ignore their obvious deceptions. It seems like every week something new comes out that they have lied about. It will be reported every once in a while for a day or two and nobody seems to really care so the news just quits reporting on it and goes back to topics that people do watch like Michael Jackson, the runaway bride and Tom Cruise. I probably have been too hard on the mass media lately, after all they go by ratings and if the American people are more interested in Michael Jackson then that is what they will spend the most time reporting. I guess if we as a nation really are more interested in the tabloid type stuff from the mass media then we will probably get what we deserve, whatever that turns out to be.

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