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Grey Matter


Sightings - They do still happen.

As I sit here looking at about the billionth “Heflin Top Hat Photo” post at UFO updates, I seriously wonder and worry about UFO researchers. That so much time could be spent writing about the authenticity or fakeness of one old photo seems completely silly to me. You would think that the whole validity of UFOs in general rest on this one photo.

At first I thought that maybe that is just a sign that things in UFO land are slow. I was hoping for a bang up summer so far as sightings and such. Still there has to be newer things to discuss. Looking at my blog there certainly seems to be, there are new photos from Egypt, Poland, the UK and Mexico, just this week. At Linda Moulton Howe’s Earthfiles there are the suspended horse photos. There is a story in Popular Science about US supersonic shape changing aircrafts, there is quite a bit of new stuff that could be being discussed. I am not saying these things are totally ignored, but compared to the Heflin photo they don’t get much attention.

It occurs to me that much of what is discussed in UFO groups is old and stale. Roswell, Bentwaters, The Phoenix Lights, Billy Meier and so on. Those topics are interesting, but it makes it seem that nothing is going on right now. Really it isn’t that nothing is happening right now, it seems more like we are stuck in a rut. The Mexico sightings continue, Milan, aside from the flying horse, has had numerous sighting this year. As LMH pointed out on c2c, it is amazing anyone can see anything in the sky of Milan because it is probably the most polluted city I have ever been to. The sky is a constant grey so when something is seen there it must be quite amazing and a real attention grabber.

As I write this today in The Age (An Australian News site) there is an article asking where all the UFOs have gone. According to this paper, UFO sightings have been dropping off. I don’t know how closely they follow such things, but I would actually say that so far as sighting go that are reported in the press, we are up from last year. I think I should know since I have now had my blog for over a year and I try to always include any UFO sightings that are in the news. In the opinion of this article the drop off is due to better photographic technology so our pictures aren‘t so fuzzy. I don’t even know where to begin to comment on that statement since most of us now use digital cameras, which are not as high rez as old fashion silver halide film.

Is it some sort of organized effort trying to make us believe that UFOs are no longer being seen? I guess the less that are seen the crazier the people who do see them look and the less likely they are to report having seen anything.

Along the same lines there was another Jill Tarter article the other day. Either she didn’t mention her mistaking the moon for a UFO or the interviewer decided to leave it out. I find it hard to believe she left that out since it seems to be her favorite story to tell. This story bothers me because Tater is an astronomer and she apparently has no clue where the moon is. I am not an astronomer, but I know where the moon is and have never mistaken it for a UFO. I know her story is her way of trying to convince people that what they and others are seeing in really just the moon (or Venus) because even she could make that mistake. Sorry, I don’t buy it.

I also don’t buy that there are less UFO sightings recently, or that the Heflin Top Hat photo is worthy of more than a very short discussion. Wake up out there and start paying some attention to what is going on now! No wonder they think there is a decline in UFO sightings when every case mentioned is normally at least 10 years old. I suppose in 10 years we could start investigating things that happened in 2006, but wouldn’t it be easier to do it now?

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