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Grey Matter


Wingnut Punnett

I had noticed over the past several months, Ian Punnett, someone who was at first not really the least bit conspiratorial, starting to lean hard towards that direction. However, something he said last Saturday in his interview with David Talbot made me think he had gone completely over the edge and turned into what Art Bell (not me) would call a wingnut.

The exchange went a bit like this: Talbot explains that after the Kennedy assassination most of the country was too sheepish to question the Warren Report and the only people brave enough to stand up and dare to question it were the comedians, musicians and other entertainers. Ian says something like, "Pretty much like Rosie OíDonnell and building 7". Talbot agreed with that, they went to break and it wasnít discussed when they returned.

Whoa! I have never heard Ian give any credence to any 911 conspiracy theory and maybe that wasnít his intent, but it sure sounded like he was thinking that there could be something rotten in the official story.

Sometime during the interview as he and Talbot spoke about the wiretapping of American citizens and Gitmo, Ian actually said that the US isnít very far away from becoming a Banana Republic. To me, this was profound, as I often hum a boomtown rats tune, called Banana Republic, when I see stories about Gitmo and various other things.

I think he is catching on! It might have helped that he thought the major media outlets would be all over the E. Howard Hunt story and none of them reported on it. According to Ian, he has friends at CNN that told him they canít run the story because some of the high ups there at CNN were associates of LBJ. If hiding a news story for such a reason isnít a conspiracy, I am sure that I donít know what is.

I have always been of the opinion that if people who think the 911 conspiracy theories are totally crazy would just take a look back through American history, they would at the very least, realize why people could easily believe such things.

I had always considered Noory the conspiracy host, but Ian has really out done him on that front in the past several months. It is kind of a shame because that had been the one subject that Noory did better than anyone else. I guess Noory will always have Hoagland since I donít think any of the other hosts really want him.

Back to Ian, most of you know that I have always liked Ian, but really all things considered, he is the best all around host. Art and George both have topics that they really suck at, but Ian seems to be able to tackle any topic and make it informative and entertaining.

I have to wonder if I would feel the same way if Ian had Nooryís job and thinking it over, I am pretty sure I would. That being said, it is possible that anyone doing 5 shows a week in going to become burnt out and not be the greatest host after a while. So this is what I was thinking might be a good c2c schedule -- since I donít think Art wants to do more than the weekend, he is out, but what if Noory did Monday - Wednesday night and Ian did Thursday, Friday and his show on Saturday? Or even just Friday night and his show? I think that would be awesome!

Now some guests I would like to hear on with Ian:

1. Peter Levenda, because Noory only ever asked questions about his book Sinister Forces: The Nine, but he has 3 other books that would be great to hear about.

2. I would like to hear Jim Marrs do a full show with Ian.

3. I would like to hear Alex Jones on with Ian.

4. Webster Tarpley!

5. Adam Gorightly!

I just realized that I could make a really long list, so I quit. The thing is, even regular Noory guests would be entirely different if they were on with Ian, so just about any good guest I would like to hear Ian interview.

I hate to give Ian too many kudos because in a few months he could start to suck, but right now, as far as I am concerned, Ian is the King of Coast to Coast.

Ian, donít let me down. I donít expect anymore from you than what you are doing, so it should be easy.


Banana Republic
Septic Isle
Screaming in the suffering sea
It sounds like crying
Everywhere I go
Everywhere I see
The black and blue uniforms
Police and priests

And I wonder do you wonder
While you're sleeping with your whore
That sharing beds with history
Is like a-licking running sores
Forty shades of green yeah
Sixty shades of red
Heroes going cheap these days
Price; a bullet in the head

repeat chorus

Take your hand and lead you
Up a garden path
Let me stand aside here
And watch you pass
Striking up a soldier's song
I know that tune
It begs too many questions
And answers to,

repeat chorus

The purple and the pinstripe
Mutely shake their heads
A silence shrieking volumes
A violence worse than the condemn
Stab you in the back yeah
Laughing in your face
Glad to see the place again
It's a pity nothing's changed

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