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Grey Matter

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Things That Don't Matter in the Grand Scheme of It All

Last week, I wrote about how it doesn't matter whether or not there is an alien base at Dulce because that doesn't change the fact that people experience strange things like UFOs, cattle mutilations and so on. After thinking about it over the past week, it occurs to me that most of the small points or explanations we try to make about anything UFO or esoteric don't really matter either.

We all know people that are dead set on a theory about UFOs. Either they are space aliens, beings from another dimension or whatever and these people will actually argue the point. In reality, not only do we not know for certain what these things are (even though some do have good theories and compelling reasoning), but not everyone will even agree that there is such a thing as a UFO.

You never see debunkers and skeptics arguing about what something was. There are no heated debates between one that says it was a weather balloon and another that thinks it was Venus. They don't care what it was, so long as they can convince people it wasn't something unexplainable. We often skip over that important step of convincing people that it was something unexplained and jump directly to the the next step of trying to convince them it was little grey men or whatever.

While I have read some polls that say 60% of Americans believe in UFOs, there are degrees to belief. For example, I believe that people see what are called ghosts. I have never seen a ghost and although I believe their tales, it is not the same type of belief that I have in UFOs because I have seen those with my own eyes.

Although, I do also believe that witnessing any type of fortean event makes you more willing to believe in witness accounts of any type of fortean event. Once you witness something, you know strange shit happens and not everyone does know that.

Anyhow, back to the 60% of believers, that still leaves 40% and if you go by other polls, it is less, that believe in UFOs. It seems to me that trying to come up with a hands off explanation, since we can't actually examine a UFO, is kind of silly. If you can't even prove to most of the people that UFOs exist, why bother with trying to explain what they are? The same could be said of any esoteric subject. Until you can truly examine one, there is no way to convince everyone of what it is or where it came from. You are just throwing out theories, which is fine (I do that too), but don't for a moment think that they prove anything.

Being stuck on a theory is just bad in general because it causes people to totally ignore what might be relevant information because it doesn't fit into their theory box. It causes them to judge others and their experiences and those that don't fit in the box are often tagged as either hoaxes or due to mental illness and/or hallucinations.

All this judging and proclamation of what is and isn't real is entirely a sideshow until someone can prove once and for all, to everyone (or most everyone) that there is even such a thing as a UFO.

No, I am not saying that it is wrong to have theories, everyone does, I am just saying that in the vast world beyond our little Ufology world, they are pretty meaningless. Even within Ufology, they are just theories and can't be proved or disproved because they depend entirely on others and their willingness to believe the entire scenario you have put forth.

Lastly, just like the Dulce base, it doesn't matter if you theories are real or not. Strange shit happens. Strange shit that doesn't fit into your box. It will happen that way no matter what theory you believe in or how strongly you defend it.

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