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I am sure most of us enjoy listening to Ed Dames, Sean David Morton and others give their predictions for the future. I admit that I do. The two mentioned above and others seem to take themselves very seriously and give themselves very high accuracy ratings, but what really is accuracy? If I say the sun is going to shine tomorrow and it does am I then a seer of the future? Is my local weather man really that talented?

I have heard Dames be given credit for predicting a large solar flare. It seems to me that the sun has been giving off flares since the beginning of time so it is only logical that there would at some time be a very large flare. I am pretty sure I could have come to the same conclusion if I had spent any time thinking about the subject of solar flares. Morton was given credit for predicting that Bush would win the election. Although, I wasnít happy about it I predicted the exact same thing. It was a logical prediction given the fear of terrorism and people seeming to think Bush would be better at protecting them. Then there is the stretching of what is correct like Dames predicting a earthquake 2000 miles away from where it actually occurred and then taking credit for being correct

Donít get me wrong, I by no means am saying Morton and Dames shouldnít be allowed on c2c. I am only saying that what little they predict that does come true is only common sense or a stretch from their original prediction. I also am willing to bet that anyone reading this could sit down and make a list of predictions based on common sense and that many of them would come true. Maybe someone will want to try that in a public manner like a website and if they do come true you could probably get a gig on coast to coast. Write a book on it while you are at it so you will have something to sell.

I wonder if Dames and Morton do really believe that they see the future? If they do what do they tell themselves when they are wrong? I pretty much know that Dames would say he isnít wrong he just canít see dates so the event just hasnít happened yet, but eventually will. I have never heard Morton really admit to being wrong either which makes me wonder what type of God these people think they are that they are infallible? Father Wingate at least admits he was wrong in his prediction that the Pope would live, though I donít really see what other choice he had. All that said I really do enjoy hearing Dames, Morton and others give there predictions. In the case of Dames and Morton I am not sure if I enjoy the predictions as much as I do the pomposity that goes along with them. I mean really the God like status they give themselves is comical being that they are really just mere humans like the rest of us. This type of self importance is by no means strictly limited to seers on c2c. I am sure we can all think of many guests on different subjects that are equally and maybe in some cases more self important. These people are what makes c2c fun Sure I probably could not last a day with any of them one on one, but to hear their grandiose and shameless self promotion for 3 hours is for some reason that I canít quite figure out highly entertaining.

Sunday night after much bragging about destroying operating systems being a easy feat for him a very cool listener called and offered his system to Doctor Doom for destruction. Dames then said it would take him 45 minutes just to target it and he would not agree to do it. For some reason this did not surprise me. After all, it could easily be proven whether or not the guyís computer was still working something Dames did not want to happen. Another thing about last nights show I am wondering is where is Artís birthday gold that Dames promised? I fast blasted Art every 30 minutes with this question and it was never discussed on the show. Maybe I am not remembering things correctly, but I could have sworn Dames promised Art gold for his birthday. He seems to find gold as well as he did Osama Bin Laden. Although I do have to say that I did think that I heard Dames say he was wrong about Bin Laden being dead - a first as far as I know.

Last week we also heard Louis Turi give his prediction of a natural disaster that would happen sometime over the weekend and would claim many lives. There was that earthquake in California, but there were not many (or any as far as I know) lives lost. We will see if Turi is on again and what his excuse for being wrong is.

Here are a few of my predictions - 1) I predict Dames will never remote view anything that convinces him that his hairdo went out of style in 1967. 2) Morton will never predict his heart attack brought on by too much fat in his mid section. 3) Richard Hoagland will find the ruins of a Old Navy store on Mars. 4) George Noory will discover that Jesus isnít a mushroom, but he himself is. 5) Art Bell will experiment with a new antenna array that will pick up signals from Area 51 which will infuriate the Government and he will be given a complete mind wipe, believing he is Col. Kurtz, Marlon Brandoís character in ďApocalypse Now,Ē he is sent to live in a jungle somewhere in SE Asia. Meanwhile his clone will be spreading disinformation and true stories of c2c guests over the radio. The true stories about guests will cause the clone to be murdered, the police will never capture the killer because the list of suspects with motive is too long.

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