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Grey Matter


Dan Aykroyd Unplugged, But All Charged Up

I preordered Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs from Amazon. There are a few things that I can't resist and Dan Aykroyd and UFOs are two of them. I was thrilled when my order arrived, though it happened at a busy time and took me nearly two weeks to actually get to watch the entire DVD.

It was unlikely from the beginning that I would not like this DVD, two of my favorite things and all. Though I can't say it was the best UFO DVD I have ever seen, it was, at least to me, very enjoyable.

Dan himself was smoking (literally) and his face was all glittery (literally). Most people don't look good wearing glitter, but it seemed to work for him. David Sereda was not smoking or glittery, for those of you who may wonder.

There was much good NASA UFO footage in this, but buy it for Aykroyd and not the footage. If you want lots of NASA footage buy Sereda's other DVD "Evidence: the case for NASA UFOs" or The Enigma Channel DVD "Secrets of Space."

Several things about this DVD just prove to me how smart Dan Aykroyd is because they very much agree with my feelings on things. First is, that unlike the exopolitics crowd, Aykroyd does not think that all aliens are benevolent. Like me he believes that there are probably good and bad. He also does not seem to think that all aliens come from space and spent some time speaking of other dimensions and dimensional travel. Hurray for him!

A few of the parts of this DVD that I really liked aside from Aykroyd were a short clip with Hutchinson and his levitating 75 lb ball, the Hutchinson effect to those of us that follow such things. Gordon Cooper talking about UFOs and his experience chasing one in Germany. Some footage of a UFO that I hadn't seen before, in Venice California, it kind of looked like a balloon, but not entirely. Also, there was some of the better Mexican UFO footage.

Mostly though, I just liked hearing Dan talk about UFOs and his theories, feelings, whatever you want to call them. One of the best things about him are his great facial expressions and I really like observing what expression he would use depending on the question Sereda asked.

Things I didn't like were pretty rare and mostly limited to the fact that they kept showing the same two Billy Meier photos over and over. I am not a big Meier believer for one thing and for another I didn't need to see the same photos over and over. The other thing was that the sound was not good on my surround sound DVD. I ended up watching it on the computer. It was the same with Sereda's other DVD, there are parts where you can't hear what is being said over the music, if you have more than two speakers.

My absolute favorite part was Aykroyd telling what had happened with his show. I have long wondered about this and although my question was maybe not totally answered, I did get some answer. For those of you who don't know, Aykroyd was doing a UFO related interview type show for scifi channel and before it even aired it was cancelled. It was just recently that Linda Moulton Howe told me she had been interviewed by Aykroyd for this show and I told her that I was terribly jealous that she got to meet Dan Aykroyd, which I really was.

Anyhow the story seems to involved MIBs, disappearing cars and Britney Spears. Spears seems to be working with the Government and MIBs and was used to distract Dan, though Dan did not say that, it is my opinion and I think quite obvious. I don't want to give to much away so far as this story or anything else goes and I will let those of you who are interested buy or rent the DVD and find out for yourselves. Dan did say that his show may eventually come out on DVD and you can be sure that I will purchase it if it does.

Dan Aykroyd - comic genius and UFO believer and maybe even contactee. He did not say what I had hoped, which was that the aliens were here to consume mass quantities, but he does at least believe they have been here.

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