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Grey Matter


Do Demons Dream of Electric Spaceships?

Recently at LOWFI NM, I included a link to a conference going on in Roswell at the same time as the yearly festival. I wrote a little comment on the post and, as sometimes happens with me, it was rather flippant and not really thought out. My basic point was that religious people don't seem to take into consideration that God could have created other beings -- meaning not just Earthlings and beings of the spiritual realm. My basic point was flawed because I grouped all religious people together and I don't believe that the vast majority actually think God wouldn't have created other beings.

Guy Malone that organizer of the conference stopped by and left a comment and thankfully didn't get upset over my flippant statement, but did say enough to make me realize my mistake. You can find the post and comments here.

I was going to write about this subject this week anyway, but thankfully Guy gave me a place to start and I was having a hard time finding that. One of the reasons I had a hard time is that I don't want to come off as being anti-God or even anti-religion. I don't like organized groups of any sort, including religious ones, but I don't ever want to be intolerant or judgmental about them.

Guy pointed out to me that nobody was saying that God did or didn't create other beings, the Bible doesn't say and we don't know. A good point, many seem to think the Bible covers everything, but it really doesn't. Basically it is that his group (for lack of better word) believes there is evidence suggesting that ETs are actually not real ETs, but rather fallen angels and/or demons. I assume he is speaking of the beings known as the Grays since they are to most commonly reported and his conference seems to have a lot to do with the aspect of abduction. Well, let me just quote the last part:

The issues being addressed are partly, is there anything in the Bible to indicate that He did, or did not, do so (?) and more germaine to the actual event, there seems to be tons of evidence indicating that what people are reporting today is not authentic ET life, but that the evidence and research suggests a fallen angel deception. Turning your comment around a bit, I realize most don't believe in angels, devils, etc and would therefore “have a hard time” with our hypothesis, but it is indeed what the evidence would suggest to anyone with a Biblical worldview, who examines the alien phenom in light of what scripture actually teaches. The event is free tho, so anybody's welcome to attend and see how well we do or do not make this case! God Bless, -g-

Actually Guy may be surprised to know that I do believe in Angels and Demons, although maybe not exactly in the way that he does. As a child, an audible voice from nowhere saved my life. To me, that was an angel. I believe there are spiritual forces of good and evil.

That aside, I think my understanding of fallen angels and demons are different than his.

I am sure I have said this before, but I grew up in a Christian household. Almost every Sunday morning I was in church and Sunday school. My bookshelves were full of children's illustrated Bible tales.

Something I haven't told you -- When I was about 18 years old, I became involved with what I would now call a fundamentalist church. I became involved because there was a certain guy I liked that attended and he talked me into it. I only spent about 3 months attending this church before my crush wore off, but during that time I heard everything imaginable blamed on demons and/or Satan.

Examples: If someone didn't get a certain job, it was because of demons. Never mind the fact that they were unqualified. If someone's wife was sick, it was demons. Nothing to do with the fact that she was way overweight, didn't exercise and chain smoked. Yes and so on. So since then I take with a grain of salt anything blamed on demons because people can and do blame EVERYTHING on them.

So I ask myself, could Grays really be demons? Certainly, if I had been abducted, had poking and prodding done to me and remembered it - I would feel violated and, at the very least, think that the deed they did was evil. That said, doing evil is quite different from being a demon.

Humans do far more evil deeds on a daily basis than I have ever heard associated with Grays. Humans kill, torture, rape and on and on, but those are evil deeds and do not mean that humans are demons, at least not in the biblical sense. In fact, I can assure you that if we could travel the universe and came across races more primitive than us that we could study using the same methods the Grays use on us -- we would be doing it too.

My understanding from biblical sources is that all demons are all fallen angels. You have the high grade angels like Lucifer and the low grade nameless types.

If you take what are commonly associated with fallen angels, also known as the Sons of Man, which were said to have bred with human women and produced offspring that were giants -- they would have no need to abduct humans. They are practically irresistible to most humans. Women coupled with them knowing that the act alone could kill them, let alone if they became pregnant with one of their children. They would have no need to abducted anyone, they could merely say come with me and most would willingly go and do whatever they were asked. I think of them rather like John Travolta in the movie Michael. He was irresistible to everyone and he smelled like cookies. Though I do imagine those angels would be quite a bit bigger and better looking than John -- not that I don't adore John as is.

To my knowledge, these are the only type of fallen angels/demons mentioned in the Bible that actually have a human-like form. The others seem to be formless. It is my understanding that these formless beings are the ones said to possess humans because they like having an actual form.

I am not claiming to KNOW anything for certain. I don't believe that any of us can know for certain, no matter how many biblical texts you study or how many years you spend studying them.

The Grays do not fit my understanding of demons. Although, since I do not take the Bible literally nor believe every word written in it, my understanding is likely far different from those who are true believers.

I have read and heard a lot of abduction accounts and it is rare for the Grays to even say anything. They do not seem to be trying to make people not believe in God or to sin. They seem very detached.

Although, there are those that claim that calling on Jesus has stopped an abduction there are also many accounts I have read where it did not stop an abduction. Maybe it is like faith healing, some are lucky enough to be healed and others aren't.

I suppose I would have to attend Guy's conference to find out what this group considers to be the ultimate goal of the fallen angel deception and there is no way I am driving 200 miles to Roswell in the middle of summer. I can't think of a goal that demons would have that couldn't be achieved in an easier manner though.

I was just thinking out loud, so to speak. Nothing resolved here and that is perfectly fine. I would hope that I didn't offend anyone as I was in no way wanting to offend, but when it comes to religion it is an easy thing to do without ever knowing you are doing it. I think it is fine and dandy that there is another conference in Roswell presenting a different point of view. I would hope that in the future all points of view will be welcome at the regular conference and there will be no need for a separation. If we can all just share our thoughts and ideas without attacking others the whole ufology world will be a better place -- that is something that I do know.

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