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Grey Matter


One Week, Two Disasters

Probably disaster is way over the top, but I can be over dramatic if I want.

There was "Into the Unknown", the much hyped Noory/SciFi Channel show. I found it bad on many levels, but truthfully I did not feel most of the problems were Nooryís fault.

I personally thought the thing that damaged this show the most was the editing. Whoever did that was not the most skillful editor on the block. You could actually notice where it was edited, which is something that really shouldnít be so blatant. Also, the audience shots were horrible. They should have skipped that because the audience didnít really look like they were enjoying the show and it was just weird the way they would flash on for a moment and then disappear. Most shows with audiences never flash to the audience unless they are doing something that requires audience participation.

Noory was not as bad as I had expected from what I had heard. I didnít think he was great, but I have seen far worse.

I decided to let some people who arenít c2c listeners watch it. They didnít love it, but they told me that they did enjoy it and would probably watch another episode if it were a weekly show. So quite possibly those of us that listen to c2c expect more than people with a casual interest in the esoteric and it is possible the show could pick up a following. That was kind of a shock to me, but I often forget that people who arenít obsessive esoteric fans might have a far lower standard for such things.

Now onto the Jeremy Vaeni c2c saga ...

Really this did shock me. The interview started out like any other, but within a few minutes it was obvious that Noory was not listening to what Jeremy was saying and was instead probably reading prewritten questions. I have known for a long time that Noory uses prewritten questions, but never has it been so obvious. At least I hope he was reading prewritten questions because if he was coming up with those based on anything Jeremy said, it must have been some Jeremy in an alternate universe.

What Jeremy did say, seemed quite clear to me, but I was actually listening. Jeremy kept trying to help Noory get it and I would also say was extremely polite, probably more so than I could be in the same situation.

Nooryís fucked up questions would have just been kind of typical of him, if not for the rudeness. After Jeremy had told the story about not remembering what had went on during a hypnosis session, but thinking that it must have been something shocking because the doctor asked if he would like free therapy, Noory says something like if you donít remember what went on, why did you tell the story? He had told the story because Noory had asked if he had ever had regression therapy.

As we found out from Jeremy the rudeness did not end there. After the break nobody bothered to tell Jeremy that he had been dumped, so he sat there on the phone waiting for someone to get back to him. I somewhat know the feeling because I was sitting at home wondering when they would get back to Jeremy, since Noory didnít bother to tell the listeners that Jeremy had been dumped. Finally Jeremy asked if he could ask Hopkins a question, at which time he was hung up on. He called back only to be told that Noory had hung up on him and then given the lame excuse that he had been dumped because Noory decided to ďgo loose,Ē whatever the fuck that means.

I havenít been this pissed at Noory since his Ufology bashing fest with Hoagland. That time I was pissed that he had been rude to a guest, Dr Stephen Greer, without him being there to defend himself. So this is the second time that Noory has been rude enough for me to get angry. You donít just hang up on a guest. At the very least, during the break Noory could have talked to Jeremy and said he didnít feel the show was going well (or whatever his problem was) and that he decided not to keep him for the entire show. Once again, Noory shows his lack of balls. He didnít confront Greer with his accusations and he didnít have enough balls to dump Jeremy personally.

Onto another thing, over at the fantastic forum, Noory does seem to at least be able to threaten people via email. Yes, Noory has threatened to sue the FF, you can read that email here.

Threatening to sue people on a message board is just beyond stupid. We have all have had people who donít agree with us and say unkind things about us on message boards, we just GET OVER IT or like Art Bell tell them to meet us somewhere so we can kick their ass! Noory didnít realize that Bell had some pretty big boots to fill? He doesnít understand that there will always be people who donít like him? What if Rush sued every message board that said unkind things about him? He wouldnít have enough time left to do his STUPID show.

Why does this kind of crap piss me off so much? Because I actually care about c2c. I have been listening to it since the beginning, minus that year of Mike Segal. Anything that I feel harms this show, offends me personally. I liked Noory in the beginning and I would like to continue to do so, but besides the above mention stuff there have been seriously horrible guests lately that have not been kicked off and instead I have been forced to turn off my radio. IMO, the seriously horrible guests (which donít include Jeremy Vaeni) have been at least 75% of the shows lately. It has become so bad that I canít even write c2c rewind in the same manner as before, because I canít bear to listen to those crappy ass shows. When I, a nightly listener for over 10 years canít listen, you know there is something wrong.

Here is my advice to George Noory, should he bother to read this: Stop trying to get into TV. Stop writing books. Stop any other business relate things you have going on. Spend that time reading your guestís books and truly learning about them. Except for when they have new books, you will only have to do this once. Write your own questions, or even just wing it. Back when Art Bell was really good, he always had read the guestís books, visited their website and knew everything possible to know about them. Ian Punnett does this and Ian rocks!

I havenít completely lost faith in you Noory, but you are most sincerely trying my patience.

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