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Grey Matter


UFO Magazine: Online and Blogging !

Since Bill Birnes is the guest this week on BoA:Audio, it seems only fitting to continue the UFO Magazine theme.

As some or maybe most of you know, I am the web mistress of the UFO Magazine blogs. So, obviously, I think they are awesome even though they are still fairly new. Unlike BoA, we have no set schedule for articles or blog posts, people just post whenever they have something they want to say. So each day is a surprise.

Aside from the UFO Mag columnists that post at what is called the Green Room or guest blog, we have others that I have invited to post there just because I really enjoyed their blogs, books or whatever. Gary A. David, Micah Hanks, Lisa Shiel and Siani have all turned out to be fantastic contributors to the blog.

I really wanted to create a blog that contained a lot of different view points, but with none of the true debunkie nonsense views. Maybe that is wrong, but it is UFO Magazine, not the Skeptical Inquirer.

Those of you who enjoyed Bill on BoA:Audio will probably enjoy many of his posts at the Editor's Blog. You will also find Bill's wife and UFO Magazine editor, Nancy Birnes, at the editor's blog. Somehow Nancy does find time to blog even with all the work she does putting together the magazine every month. We all love Bill, but I am sure he would agree that it is really Nancy who keeps the magazine going.

There is also UFO Hunting Ground, which I had hoped Pat Uskert would be posting at, but since the guys are all busy filming season 2 it may take a while for an actual UFO Hunter to get around to posting there. For now, I do try to post all UFO Hunter related news there and Nancy will be blogging some insider info from time to time.

There are several other blogs for news, letters and sightings. Also, photos galleries and discussion boards. So pretty much there is something updated every day.

You can look forward to hearing from other bloggers not yet listed as bloggers because they haven't posted anything yet, at least not as I write this. They include Stanton Friedman, Nick Redfern, Philip Mantle and Karyn Dolan.

Other rumored bloggers that I cannot confirm at this time -- Elvis (he insisted that I put him first), Dick Cheney (he also insisted that I put him first), Bill O'Reilly (fuck him, he can live with being third), George Clooney, Pam Anderson, Tucker Carlson, Chris Matthews, LaToya Jackson, H.P. Lovecraft, Alf, Edgar Cayce, Carmen Electra, Kermit, The Pope, Larry King and Hunter S. Thompson.

As I said, I can't confirm those bloggers. Still, you will want to check daily to make sure you don't miss anything.

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