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Grey Matter


Dulce - Nothing is New

As I said to someone not long ago, to argue the point of whether or not an alien base exists in Dulce is ridiculous. The fact of the matter is that strange things occur in and around Dulce whether the base is there or not. Even if there is no base there, it does not change the fact that strange things happen.

Strange things like, cattle mutilations, ufo sightings, Bigfoot sightings, Skinwalker sightings and so on.

I am sure that the people native to that area, The Jircarilla Apaches, have their own explanations for these things and it is likely that those explanations have nothing to do with an underground alien base. These type of events have been happening since long before there was any US government to build an underground base.

Anyone who happened to watch the Dulce episode of UFO Hunters probably felt a bit cheated. Pat and Kevin's guide seemed to know much more than he was willing to say. That isn't really unusual at all. Apaches and other Native American Tribes are very private and do not like to share things that they consider part of their lore and culture. There are some things they share, but there are other things considered more important that they don't.

The newest take on cattle mutilations is that it is the US government testing local populations of cattle for mad cow disease. That does make some sense, but it would mean that they have known about it since at least the 1970s. It would also mean that they have ways to get to the cattle without leaving any trace evidence (in most cases). No footprints, tire tracks, no blood from the cattle -- nothing left except a mutilated cow.

I am not saying that they don't have ways to do that, nobody knows what technologies exist behind secret government doors. At the same time, if they can do all that without leaving evidence, why don't they just keep the cow and then there would really be no evidence? I am sure the remains could be incinerated somewhere and nobody would ever have a clue about what happened to that cow.

That probably makes you think that I believe the alien theory, more so than the government one. I don't. I have the exact same problem with the alien theory. Why leave the cow there or put it back there when they are done with it? There are vast areas of uninhabited land, why not drop the cow there where nobody is likely to ever find it? Why leave evidence?

So really neither theory makes total sense to me. I suppose I could stretch my imagination into thinking that if the aliens are doing it, they leave the evidence to warn us about mad cow and/or other disease we might get from eating meat. Still, would be a hell of a lot easier to just leave a note, rather than think we will figure out who is doing it -- let alone the message of why.

Of course, it isn't just Dulce that has cattle mutilations and other Fortean occurrences. It is the entire area. I believe that area (Four Corners and surrounding bits) is also probably the largest concentration of ancient Native American sites in the US. I haven't read that anywhere or have any proof of that fact, but looking at a map it seems right. There are literally dozens of ancient sites (including Mesa Verde & Chaco Canyon) in that area.

That brings us back to the native Americans who inhabit that area and seem to have been witnessing various forms of what we might call Fortean phenomena, for thousands of years. It is nothing new, it is not because there is or isn't an Alien Base under Archuleta Mesa. It doesn't matter whether the US government is or isn't mutilating cattle. There is something much more ancient and mysterious going on there.

We modern people, in search of explanations for everything, seem to forget that Fortean phenomena was going on long before our tales of government secret projects and joint ventures with aliens. Bigfoot did not come into existence with the Patterson film, nor did UFOs come into being because of the Kenneth Arnold sighting or Roswell.

There are deep, ancient history to most Fortean phenomena that many seem to ignore because apparently (in their minds) ancient humans were too stupid to be relied upon for accurate information. I don't believe that. I believe ancient humans, just as the modern ones, recorded such things to the best of their ability. I wonder how humans a thousand years and more into the future will regard our recorded information? Probably no differently than how we regard those that came before us -- stupid, primitive people that didn't know what they were witnessing. It seems to me that we should give those that came before us at least as much consideration for their observations skills as we would want those of the future to give us.

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