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Paul Bennewitz - Lights, signals and lies - Part 2

After listening to the February 27, 2005 Art Bell's Coast to Coast interview with Richard Doty and Greg Bishop, author of the book “Project Beta” about Paul Bennewitz and the interview with Greg on Dreamland a couple weeks ago, as well as reading Greg’s book, I still had many questions. These questions led to the nagging conclusion that not all about Paul Bennewitz, what he saw and the signals he was receiving had been revealed by Doty. It is highly possible that Doty did not truly know as much about what was going on as he thought or it could be that after years of being a disinformation agent he just cannot tell the truth. I discussed my feelings on this with Linda Moulton Howe who affirmed that I was on the right track, but didn’t seem to have all the answers to my questions either.

First off I don’t believe Paul Bennewitz was just some crazy nut like he was made out to be. He build this amazing receiver that was picking up low frequency EM signals that appeared to be coming from the Manzano area. This is not disputed by Doty or anyone else, nor is the fact that it was the NSA who were sending and receiving these. What information they were sending and receiving and to whom is the question. They had thought it would be impossible to intercept their signals and Bennewitz proved them wrong. In fact, the NSA and others broke into Paul’s house when he was not there and took pictures and back engineered his receiver to build for there own purposes.

Paul Bennewitz was the first to come up with the concept of abductees being implanted with some sort of small device. I think most people in the UFO community now believe this as fact though they believe it to be some sort of tracking device rather than mind control as he believed.

As for Bennewitz’s reports of seeing lights hovering and zooming about Kirtland AFB the only explanation we are given in “Project Beta” or by Richard Doty is that it was a laser used to calibrate the large telescope at Kirtland. I have personally seen this green laser on many occasions and while it could be mistaken for what people sometimes report as green fireballs I cannot imagine someone mistaking it for hovering multi colored lights. Some people have suggested that these were only helicopters, but Bennewitz lived only 1 mile from the base, I can hear helicopters taking off and landing there from my house and I am sure he could have heard a helicopter at his house which is much closer.

Besides that, there are a couple well documented UFO events that took place near Manzano during August and September of 1980. Some of these cases are documented in freedom of information act documents and have become known as the Kirtland papers. In one case all air traffic control in Albuquerque completely went off line. Air traffic control at Albuquerque International Airport contacted Kirtland, they traced the problem to somewhere in Coyote Canyon which is the area below and south/east of Manzano Mt., Security personnel were dispatched to this area where they saw a bright object hovering just above the ground. When they tried to approach the object it shot straight up into the sky and disappeared. After that air traffic control came back online. So it seems to me to say that all Paul Bennewitz sightings were of a laser is probably not true. The report obtained by the freedom of information act seems to have been filed by Richard Doty himself so for him to say there was no UFO activity at Kirtland at the time is a complete lie.

Another event that happened during this time also baffles me. Richard Doty was driving Bill Moore around Manzano they stopped to look at a complex of buildings. Doty told Moore to go ahead a take a picture if he wanted and kind of laughed like it was a joke of some sort. Moore did take the picture but when he got it developed none of the building were visible, it just looked like a large white snow drift (there is a copy of this photo in Greg Bishops book “Project Beta”). I think Doty explained to Moore that this was some kind of advanced camouflage used to foil Soviet satellites, but didn’t explain how it works. As many of you might know I love using google to have a look around military bases and Lockheed Martin facilities. In many of these areas (including Coyote Canyon) I have found large areas of white where all around it is a darker tan colored sand. Sometimes I can make out the outline of what appears to be a building in these areas, but not always. Sometimes I have also found areas that look like huge lakes of fire (yes, like hell itself people). Both at Area 51 near what looked to be a construction project of some sort and land owned by the Government near the Lockheed facility in Lancaster CA this anomaly appeared right next to a large runway where the hangers should have been located. It is obviously something done to block out areas they don’t want us to see. So I pretty much believe Moore’s story of buildings that could not be filmed. I have looked around the Dulce area for a base there, knowing what I have found out about camo since then even if it is there I am not sure anyone could find it. At one point I found what I thought could be a underground base, at this point I believe it is a underground type structure however I think it is a old uranium mine given the area it is located.

Area 51

Holloman AFB

Satelite Map Pictures obtained via Google Maps

There are so many bizarre events that happened during this time, but one that stands out for me is the mysterious orbs witnessed in Bennewitz house. Moore as well as Doty and others saw these. They are described as glowing yellow/orange balls about the size of a softball they were transparent and seemed to be self illuminating and 3 dimensional. Moore completely freaked out the first time he saw one and immediately asked Bennewitz what it was. Bennewitz replied a bit surprised “oh, you see them too?’ He had no idea what they were. They don’t seem to have been projections into the room from somewhere else because they often appeared in places with no window for them to be projected through. Doty speculated that they were some sort of NSA spying devices, but didn’t have any real knowledge of them.

Many people think Dulce Base is a complete hoax put out by disinformation agents to keep Paul Bennewitz busy somewhere other than Manzano. Richard Doty says it was to make Paul think the aliens were doing cattle mutilation and not the government. It was a very large hoax to pull off just to make him think that aliens were doing cattle mutilations which was something he already believed anyway. Also, he already totally believed there was a base somewhere near Dulce because that is where Myrna Hansen told him she was taken when she was abducted. Then there was the wreckage Benewitz found on Archuleta Mesa of what could have been a early prototype stealth bomber, whatever it was it was not part of the hoax and the powers that be did their best to keep him away from it. Not to mention the huge amount of cattle mutilations near Dulce in the 1970's and 80's. Why would military personnel from Kirtland fly all the way out there to do cattle mutilations? There are many rural areas with ranches a lot closer to Albuquerque and as far as I know none of these areas ever reported such things happening.

So is there any truth to the Dulce Base rumor? I don’t know, but when I spoke with Linda Moulton Howe she seemed to think there was. I am not sure if she interviewed Myrna Hansen, but I know she was lucky enough to interview Bennewitz sometime before his death.

For months before being committed to the mental hospital Bennewitz had reported that aliens were coming into his room at night and shooting him up with chemicals. Moore, Doty and everyone who saw him during this time recalls there being pin pricks all up and down his arms. Were these self inflicted? Doty recalls noticing a ladder on the side on Bennewitz house leading to his bedroom window on one of his many visits, so maybe someone was shooting him up with something, but it is doubtful that we will ever know for sure.

At first glance having the disinformation agent who worked with Bennewitz come forward one would think this would clear up everything, but in a sense it has only muddled things up even more. There is no way to know whether Doty can be trusted or if he even knows the whole scheme of things. He says very confusing things like there was no UFO activity at Manzano during that time, but he files reports that contradict that. Then he says at that time the military were doing the cattle mutilations, but that they are not the ones doing it now. He tells stories of seeing government documents about the Roswell crash and having viewed film of the live alien they captured which was kept at Kirtland and Los Alamos at different times. Also, he insists that aliens really do love strawberry ice cream because they have no teeth.

So at the end of all this supposed "disclosure", I am still left with more questions than answers. Really the thing that has been disclosed here is the biggest disinformation operation in recent history that I am aware of. The years it went on and the elaborate hoaxes that went along with it are amazing. You would think at the very least someone in the mass media would want to question Doty and the Air Force about what gave them the right to drive some poor scientist in NM mad, but they don’t and they probably never will because they don’t want to question anything the government does under the cloak of National Security. So unless some other individual “in the know” comes forward with a book or shows up on Coast to Coast this is probably the end of the story.

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