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Grey Matter


The Top News (Paris Hilton Free Edition)

I had a GM all ready to go, but then I decided that I didn’t like it. It was one of my regular bitching columns about c2c and I thought that probably I have done enough bitching about c2c lately and I would write something else. So there I was at almost the last minute and I decided to go to my blog for inspiration.

I have a new feature on my blog that shows the most popular outgoing links, so I decided to pick a few of the most popular stories to comment on.

First up, there is Identity of Victor Revealed ? - The Alien Interview Footage.

Probably most people have seen this video by now. It is basically what looks like a Grey being interviewed, the Grey doesn’t actually talk, mostly his head flops around and he looks miserable. The footage is also not terribly clear. The biggest mark against it being real is the fact that it came to light through Sean David Morton, during one of his infamous interviews with Art Bell.

“Victor” is the person who claims to have smuggled the footage out of Area 51. He was supposedly at the interview, but would never say exactly why.

This article claims that “Victor” might be retired AF sergeant Robert Dean, who is also a ufo investigator. Why would an AF sergeant be in the room at all, let alone one that has a known interest in ufos. I would also think that he would be watched pretty closely given his interest and that although it would probably be impossible for anyone to smuggle something out of Area 51, it would be even more impossible for him.

If that is truly him in the film that would argue against it being legit. Then again, I guess we could figure that he was in the room precisely because they knew he would try to smuggle out the film and for some reason they wanted it leaked.

From the blurry footage there is no real way to prove it is him, so unless he comes forward, admits it, and tells his story we will have to keep guessing who Victor is.

Another very popular story is Area 51 “Shoot Out” - the Gate 3 Incident.

As the story goes, an alien escaped a “secure vault” and somehow killed a security officer at the gate. He or she then was discovered lying down near an underground water culvert. An OSI agent ordered him to give up, but the alien pointed something at him and was then shot twice in the chest. He was taken back to the facility and recovered from his wounds.

There is not much commenting I can do on that, the story is from an anonymous source, which doesn’t make it untrue, but there is no way to know that the person had access to such information, or where they got it.

Some of the most popular stories at TDF last week had nothing to do with ufos.

One of those was Adolph Giuliani’s Goons at Work.

For those who don’t know the background of the story, Matt Lepacek from Infowars was arrested for asking one of Giuliani’s people a question after the Republican debate. The question being, who had told Giuliani the WTC was going to collapse? The goon says Giuliani didn’t know the building was going to collapse, but the video on this site shows Giulinai telling Peter Jennings “We were told the WTC was going to collapse.” There is also video of the confrontation between Lepacek and the Giuliani goon and Lepacek being arrested.

Ed Brown was probably the #1 non-esoteric story of last week. Ed Brown and his wife, haven’t paid taxes in quite a while according to the IRS and they were convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to prison. Ed Brown, thinks he shouldn’t have to pay because there is no law that says he has to pay taxes. Nonetheless, the SWAT Team mysteriously showed up in the near Ed’s home, along with a silent drone with a “bright beaming light” and everyone waited to see if there would be another Waco type incident. Maybe by the time you read this, something will have happened, but as of now everyone is still waiting to see what will happen. Read more here and I will bet that Alex Jones and the gang will be continuously updating on this story.

On a totally different subject, I have been disappointed with many of the c2c shows lately. So if you are a regular visitor to my blog you will notice that my c2c rewind column has changed. Instead of commenting on every show I only mention the ones that I enjoyed. This allows me to not feel obligated to listen to c2c every night, even when I don’t like the guest or show and will hopefully give me more time for researching and writing Grey Matters and other things.

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