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Grey Matter


Vietnam UFO Mystery

Last week I wrote about the hoaxy alien at the window video and I am not sure why (other than pure laziness) because there is a true UFO mystery going on.

Around May 27th witnesses reported something exploding in the sky above Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam.

A lot of times you will hear reports like that. I vaguely remember there being one in Africa last year, but normally nothing is ever found to substantiate the claims.

This time there was.

Lots of metal fragments, many reported to have been picked up by citizens and taken home. God only knows where they all ended up.

Looking at the photos there isn't really anything strange seeming about the metal. It doesn't seem to be the amazing stuff reported to have been found at the Roswell crash. It looks pretty ordinary.

It isn't the metal that is strange. It is that nobody is claiming whatever it was that exploded and judging by some of the metal fragments it must have been fairly large.

Normally some government, agency or corporation comes forth and claims such debris. Nobody claiming it was their plane, satellite, or whatever else this time.

The thing exploded about 5 miles above the ground, so it doesn't sound like space debris falling to earth.

While I have seen the video that is supposed to show alien symbols on the debris, the video was so poor quality that I can't say for certain what it shows.

I am doubting it was an alien craft. Though I believe it was a unidentified flying object that will likely stay unidentified. Even if it has strange symbols on it that does not mean it is unearthly. It could be done that way in order to throw off those seeking it's true origin in the event that it did crash.

Really would you want to mark your spy craft with a big USA banner?

Some have suggested it was the Aurora. Could be. If I were to guess, it would be that it was some sort of experimental craft that we are not suppose to know about.

Was it a US craft that exploded over Vietnam? Could be, but I think there are other candidates too, maybe even China. We can't be the only country with super secret aircraft.

There may eventually be some sort of cover story put out. If it was a US craft there may never be any cover story from here, because it is likely that we will not want to admit to flying anything unknown over Vietnam. If there is an eventual story, it will be interesting to see who it comes from and what the excuse for taking so long to come forward is.

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