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Grey Matter


Roswell 2006 ?

Someone posted an interesting question on UFO updates a while back. They were wondering if the events of Roswell would be different if they took place today. That was enough to get me thinking and writing.

So lets say it is July 2006. A rancher in Southern NM goes out to check on his cattle, or whatever ranchers do and he find a huge area of debris. He isn’t exactly sure what it is, but it must have come from the sky because it is far too much, scattered over too wide of an area to have been driven in or have any other explanation.

What does he do? He is a rancher, but surely he has been exposed to enough media that he has heard quite a lot about UFOs, something that probably wasn’t a widely discussed topic back in 1947. So who does he call? I will guess rather than calling the military he would call the local media, or if he is really smart he will first call a UFO researcher, preferably me. We all know that if he decides to call the press, they will in turn immediately call the military to find out if there have been any crashes and the military will quickly figure out what is going on, they will get there and seal off the area and confiscate film and anything else the media might have managed to get by that point.

What would the media do then? Let's say they had gotten there long enough before the military that they handled the debris and it was like nothing they had ever seen or heard of before. Probably the military would tell them it was a National Security issue that they could not speak about. Would they believe it? Would things end up much as they did in 1947? I would imagine they would. There would be UFO researchers that would continue to research what happened there, but the mass media would ignore it as much as possible.

What if there were actual alien bodies that the media has seen, what would they do then? I would hope that they would report this, but as little as I trust the mass media these days I am not sure whether they would or not. On one hand, it would be a big story that many people would be interested in, but on the other hand I am not sure they would want to risk having the Government come down on them.

Then again, if the rancher calls me I am not going to call the military because I would know damn well that if they had a missing plane they would have found it by then or at least be out looking. So I am taking video and pictures and I am posting them all to the internet. I am also taking samples of the material which I am sending to labs all over the world. I am taking other samples and sending them to people I trust and I am hiding samples places that I hope they will not be found.

If that happened I think we would have a totally different result than what happened 1947.

Back to the alien bodies question, though. If there were just dead bodies my plan would continue as above, but what if there were a badly injured, but still alive alien, what would I do then? I know that I could not just leave it to suffer and die there, but I would still want some samples. So I guess I would have to do my sample collecting really quickly and tell the rancher to call 911 after I am gone.

Now I am wondering what the heck the emergency workers would do once they got to the ranch and realized the bodies weren’t human? Would they call the military right away or would they take the bodies to the hospital? I have a feeling they would call the military first, but who knows?

I think my answer to the question is that it would be most likely that the rancher would call the media and that things would probably turn out much like they did in 1947. Even if we were lucky and there was one brave reporter that wouldn’t give up on the story, eventually he would be made to look like a complete nut and nobody would pay much attention to him. More likely though, with all our tracking technology, the military would be there before the rancher even ever found the crash.

Now that I think about it, it is possible things would turn out worse than they did in 1947 and nobody would ever know that anything had even happened.

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