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Re : Coast to Coast

Binnall had suggested to me that I may want to write about my favorite Coast to Coast guest or show of all time. That is what I had planned to do, but as I sat here to write I figured out I canít really say I have a favorite guest there are many guests I find very entertaining, but I canít really pick a favorite.

As for shows I think I do have a favorite and that would be one of the very first shows Art did on the subject of UFOís with John Lear as a guest. It is highly possible this is not the best Coast show of all time, but back then this was a lot newer to me and I hadnít heard all the far out theories so it was different and exciting. Probably if I listened to that show now it wouldnít have anywhere near the same effect it did on me then, but as a said it was new back then and quite thought provoking. Obviously those early shows had a impact on Art as well because he still isnít entirely sure whether when he dies he should go into the light or not.

Some of the guests I really enjoy are not at all related to finding them entirely or even at all believable. I know I will be forgetting a bunch but off the top of my head some of the guests I enjoy are the ghost hunters Brendan and Barbara, Robert Ghostwolf, RCH, Ed Dames, LMH, Budd Hopkins, Jim Marrs, Michio Kaku, Michael Cremo, and Sean David Morton. Yes, some like Ed Dames and SDM are rather obnoxious but still manage to be entertaining. I also much to my own surprise enjoy the occasional visit by Glynis McCants. There are some guests that I use to enjoy that havenít been on for a while like Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock, Travis Walton and Bob Lazar.

I guess really I have my favorite topics such as ufoís and aliens, ancient technology and civilizations, grail and templar related topics and illuminati conspiracy theories and most shows on topics such as that I enjoy. There are also topics I donít enjoy such as every guest I have ever heard on c2c that claims to be a witch or vampire, also the ďnew ageĒ spirituality type topics normally bore me to death. Probably one of my least favorite guests seems to be one of Artís favorites and that is Matthew Alper. I find 3 hours of discussion about the ďgod part of the brainĒ to be really boring. Besides that it somewhat irritates me that Alper acts like he came up with this concept because he wrote a book about it. I have been hearing various versions of this concept ever since I can remember.

What anyone considers to be a great show or guest on c2c I suppose really depends on the individual. There are shows that I am sitting there bored to death and there are always people calling in who sound genuinely interested and telling George or Art what a great show it is. I am sure there are shows that I am totally being entertained by that some people are sitting at home thinking what a bunch of crap it is. Still if I judge by the forums at Binnall or the c2c site most people are like me which means they must listen to c2c for entertainment more than hoping to discover some great spiritual dimension to themselves or to have information with documented facts. Documented facts are really overrated, just ask the regular news people or the Government who keep using them less and less. I like to try to suspend my disbelief at least while I am listening to c2c, sometimes that is really hard say when Father Wingate is on, but I do really try because it makes it more fun.

In 1843, the Commissioner of patents writing to Congress recommended that the patent office be closed because in his opinion everything that could be invented had already been invented, he was definitely a non-believer and he was wrong. So whenever I donít believe something on c2c or Dreamland I ask myself is it possible? If it seems at all possible who am I to be a true non-believer? I will just sit on the middle line and see if it is ever decided one way or another and if not at least hopefully I enjoyed the subject.

Finally, I know I have mentioned the topic of c2c being for entertainment purposes only many times before and I will probably keep mentioning it until the morons out there get it in their heads. I am getting so tired of people complaining that c2c is having on guests that they consider to be frauds. I have seen whole websites mostly devoted to exposing c2c and itís guests as frauds. Coast to Coast should not be held to that standard, it is a entertainment show. If you actually learn something from listening to c2c (and that does happen) it is a added bonus, but not the purpose of the show. I do not believe people have a right to complain because they think a guest is a fraud or snake oil salesman or the many other nasty terms they use. In my opinion the only time they have a right to complain is if they are not being entertained because then c2c is not living up to itís purpose. That is not to say that there should be no discussion or opinions on whether what we hear is true, but there really is no need to get upset and call people nasty names - it is suppose to be fun after all.

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