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Grey Matter


From Serpo to Camelot

The last Serpo update took place April 3rd, almost 2 months ago. Many including myself have been wondering why the sudden stop in information. There were supposedly over 1000 pictures taken on planet Serpo, where are they? When is anonymous going to continue his or her tale?

As many may know the man behind Serpo, so far as posting info and promoting the site is Bill Ryan. I have seen questions on “the list” asking Ryan these exact questions and yet Ryan has remained silent so far as answers. That in itself is a little strange considering Ryan being silent is not a normal thing. Ryan normally responds to everything whether it be good, bad or indifferent.

Then suddenly on May 19th there is a message on the list from Ryan. Is it about Serpo? Well, hmm, no it wasn’t. It was about a new website that he has apparently started - projectcamelot.org. According to the website “Project Camelot’s purpose is to provide a vehicle for researchers and ‘whistleblowers’ to get their stories out.” Yeah, like that is some new concept.

Their first interview is a video interview with Mr. X. For those of you who don’t have time to keep up on such things, Mr. X popped up about a week previous to this and did an interview with Jerry Pippin. He says that he was an ET archivist who handled documents, photos, films and artifacts from alien contact with the US government. Although I find it hard to believe his story with no actual proof, it could possibly be true, but I haven’t done much looking into it yet. I will eventually check around and see if I come up with anything, but I kind of doubt that I will find anything.

It seems rather strange to me that during this time that Ryan was doing interviews with Mr. X, going to conventions and setting up a new website that there was also no new Serpo stories posted at Serpo.org. In fact, it seems downright suspicious. One would think that if Anon was really a separate person from Ryan that he would have still passed info onto Ryan. Posting info to a website only takes a moment so there is no way that Ryan could have been too busy to post it, but he could have been too busy to write it.

I could be wrong, but I have been following the whole Serpo story quite closely and I don’t remember such a lag time between posts ever before. Not to mention that we were promised pictures sometime in the new year, the new year being 2006, which is now almost half over. There were photos posted as you may know from previous editions of Grey Matters, but according to Ryan they weren’t the ones taken on Serpo and basically were just put there to illustrate certain things. Why not put some real ones if there really are over 1000?

I did quite a lot of internet searching for Bill Ryan lately. Strangely enough he doesn’t seem to have existed on the internet before Serpo. You would think he would have posted somewhere, or had a webpage or something, but I couldn’t find a darn thing. Maybe Bill Ryan is not his real name? I know I have been on the subject of Ryan before, but you have to admit that it is a very strange situation. He comes out of nowhere and just happens upon “Anonymous” by joining a UFO list? A UFO list with tons of real UFO researchers, but Anon picks out Bill Ryan to help him get his information out? Very strange.

So I guess that is the Serpo update. That there has been no real update and that in itself is very strange.

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