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Hello fellow travelers on the road of the paranormal. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Lesley, I live just a tad east of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I don’t know exactly how many years I have been listening to c2c, but I started listening about 6 months before Art had his first UFO related show. Maybe someone can tell me what year that was because I honestly don’t know, but I do know I was much younger then. I can’t remember ever not being interested in UFO’s and paranormal related subjects.

The first exposure I really had to such subjects was I believe when I was about 6 years old. There was a show called “In search of” hosted by Mr. Nimoy and there I first learned about UFO’s, bigfoot, ancient civilizations, spontaneous human combustion and much more. I think they are now rerunning these, but in the 1970's to my knowledge this was the only show of that type on TV. I always through my formative years scoured libraries for books on paranormal subjects and tried to learn as much as I could. Then I became an “adult” and I no longer thought much about such subjects, maybe because I thought I was too old and knowledgeable to believe in such things or I was just to busy doing “adult” things to spend time on such subjects.

Fast forward through some years and you see me a bored adult who can’t find anything good on TV after about 10 pm (or really anytime) turning on the radio. On the radio is music which is also pretty boring or the local talk station KOB which is broadcasting a guy named Art Bell. I don’t much like Art, he has a political talk show and his views are a bit too right winged for me. Still his show manages to be somewhat entertaining since he doesn’t screen callers and you never know what someone might say so I continue listening over the months and one night Art has on this guy John Lear who is talking about UFO, ET related subjects. See the line being thrown out and it’s hooking me and being reeled in. Not just me, my SO (who shall remain nameless so I won’t embarrass him) was equally as taken with it. It seems to me that it was only a few months afterwards that Art had his big triangle shaped UFO sighting while he and Ramona were coming home from Vegas. After that things picked up even more and then started expanding to more and more subjects.

During the following years there were many seriously scary things said and things that are now so ridiculous that it is unbelievable that people (myself included at times) completely believed them. I am thinking of things like comet Hale Bopp which several guests assured listeners was not really a comet, but a spaceship coming to earth. I think depending on whom the guest was spaceship Hale Bopp was either full of good space brothers coming to save the planet or evil space beings coming to destroy all the good people of earth. Then came the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide so obviously there were people who really believed in this theory.

Another more fond memory is of c2c is Richard Hoagland’s ranting one night that Old Navy was part of some vast conspiracy and were passing info to people “in the know” via their ads. Also, they were according to RCH holding something very like meetings of the illuminati at their headquarters. I have been a proud Old Navy shopper ever since. There were bad things like the guy (I will not give him the satisfaction of using his name) Art had to throw off his show and eventually had to sue for slander. Oh, not too terribly long after that was the news that Art was leaving. I was devastated.

During the year Art was gone I don’t believe I listened to the show more than maybe 6 times. Then suddenly the news that Art was returning. Oh joy During that time I got to know George Noory whom I have always thought was a very apt host for the show. Many people think I don’t like George and that is just not true. Though I admit to preferring Art, George has a wonderful enthusiasm with every guest that I think is refreshing in a host of any kind. The host I did not like after Art left the second time was Barbara Simpson, so you can imagine how happy I was when Art returned yet again on the weekends.

So now we are pretty much up to the present day. Do I still listen every night? Every night that I can I am surfing the internet while listening to c2c. I admit that I have become jaded over the years and things I might have believed when I first started this crazy ride have to show at least some molecule of proof before I consider believing them now. Belief in a subject is not criteria for my listening though, the only criteria I have for c2c is to entertain me. There are also the shows where I feel I could easily do the show for the guest because I have heard them so many times that I seem to know their answer to every question. But, I know somewhere there is a person who is bored turning on their radio and listening to c2c for the first time and they are finding this information revolutionary and the line is going, they are being hooked and reeled in. You gotta love the newbies.