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Grey Matter


Wooing the Others?

I must give credit where credit is due and the credit for this GM goes to theUSofE member Primus. You can check out his brilliant post HERE.

His entire post is smart and funny, but it was really that last paragraph that got me thinking ... "So, Don, go ahead and blame everyone else. It's all their fault. You know it is. And the more you say it, the more you fit right in with the new generation of Americans."

Yes, that is what many ufologists of all types do. They blame the other type for why ufology isn‘t taken seriously, or isn‘t advancing at a rapid pace and so on. The ones who think they are so scientific blame the crazies for making them all look loony. The so called crazies, Woo Woos or whatever name you prefer, blame the others for only considering what they can study scientifically.

If you are going to blame someone shouldn’t you blame people who may actually have true knowledge of the subject that they are not sharing? To say you are going to give up on ufology because some people may be saying some crazy crap really has more to do with your problem than it does theirs.

As I have said before, it all comes down to what each person considers Wooish, to some it may be Bob Lazar to others David Icke. So probably, no matter who you are, you may think that there is some truth to a tale that others may consider wooish.

I am sure that I am someone who would be considered to be a major woo. I think it is possible that all stories have a thread of truth to them, even if the person who started them is totally lying. Since I do believe in mass consciousness, that would mean that in every story there is likely to be a piece of consciously or unconsciously known knowledge.

Really Bob Lazar is the best example of how the facts confuse things rather than help at times, such as Lazar‘s account of his past in contrast to the actual fact. Many people, including much respected ufo researcher Stanton Friedman, consider him to be a fraud. I have never figured out how someone can accuse him of being totally fraudulent (even though I adore Mr. Friedman) when he knew things that turned out to be completely true.

It isn’t like some situation where someone says they have “insider” knowledge and you just have to believe them, he actually took people out to Area 51 and there were strange things flying about in the sky at the time that he said they would be. So while some of his background information on himself may not have been accurate, obviously some of the things he said were entirely accurate. Government agent, some would say, but he could have been unwittingly put in that role.

My Grandmother used to always say, “you can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” (Yes, that was among her repertoire of sayings, none of which were particularly original, but most were true.) I believe it is true of almost every story in ufology, even the Serpo story which I have many times written about being false, there is quite possibly a thread (though very thin) of truth in it.

I think the thread of truth in every story has been proven many times. How many ancient tales have modern humans considered to be completely false, only is discover there was indeed some truth to it, though maybe not quite as grand as the tale? If there is truly a mass consciousness, every tale may have truth, but not necessarily in this time or even place.

Maybe in a Jung way, we must just perform our duties as archetypes. Those of us that are the Woos, must spend our time thinking about things that are truly esoteric and can’t really be scientifically proven, at least not at this time. Others are meant to spend their time collecting facts which they must try to piece together to give what will be considered a real and tangible evidence. Quite possibly we are born to whichever category we fit into. Which would mean that blaming the other side, whichever side you fit on, is totally meaningless. It is meaningless because those who read your articles or watch/listen to your interviews will be attracted to your side or not, depending on which side they were born to be on. There isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.

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