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Grey Matter


Time Slips

Time Slips are a phenomena I have been interested in since I first heard the tale of an incident that took place in the basement of Pennsylvania Hall at Gettysburg College.

For those who have never heard this story it goes like this -- late one night two administrators at the college got in the elevator. It passed the floor they had pushed the button for and went straight to the basement where the doors opened. What greeted them was a scene of horror. Surgeons covered in blood, men laying on table screaming and a pile of amputated limbs in one corner. As the surgeon asked them for help and started to approach them, they totally freaked and started pushing all the elevator buttons in order to get out of there. The doors closed and they escaped. They then decided it was some sort of fraternity prank and found a security guard to go back down with them. The scene was completely gone in few moments when they returned and the storage area was just a storage area.

Some people put stories like this in the category of ghosts. I don't agree. When you come upon an entire scene like that and someone actually sees you there and asks for your help it can't be explained as ghosts. I believe that somehow these two people slipped back in time.

This doesn't always happen at famous landmarks either.

There is a woman in Australia, who claims to have experienced time slips several times while driving a certain road and in the exact same spot each time. According to her, the paved road suddenly becomes a dirt road, the trees disappear and one time there was even a car coming the other way, a 1950's model. She said that the man in the old car looked at her in astonishment as he passed. The incidents only lasted about 20 seconds and suddenly she would be on a paved road with trees again.

Could time slips like these be responsible for people reporting having seen airplanes and blimps years before they were invented? Could some of the UFOs people see now that are only there a few seconds and then suddenly disappear be crafts from the future that experience a brief time slip?

I also wonder, especially given the Australian lady's experience, if there are places on earth where there is only a thin curtain separating different times? That concept reminds me of the Sandman graphic novels. In those there were certain places on earth where only a very thin veil (thinnies, I think they were called) separated humans from the Dreaming. Certain people could walk through and be lost in the Dreaming forever, others like Marco Polo, managed to make it back to earth.

Aside from the time slips, the thought that there are certain places on earth with vortexes or thin veils between one world and another have also always fascinated me. I think sometimes we rip these holes with a horror like Gettysburg, but there are probably also many natural rips.

If time is not linear, like many qualified people suggest, slipping through for brief moments is not entirely unlikely.

Maybe this could explain many other things like Wild Men. Perhaps they are early humans who somehow slipped through to this time and unable to find their way back.

Or the Bermuda Triangle. Perhaps those people are going into the future or far into the past and not making it back through the slip. If they went far into the future we wouldn't know about it and if they went to the past before records were kept we wouldn't know about it either.

Back to the UFO thought earlier ... what if, in the future, with our advanced craft and knowledge, we know exactly where the thin places are and how to get through them and back ? Perhaps it is too dangerous for humans to continue going back and forth, so we created some other biological beings, the Greys, who we send in our place. Maybe that is far fetched, but it seems as likely as anything else to me.

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