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Secrecy and Disclosure

As a child I had a shoe box in which I kept secret things that I wasnít really suppose to have. I donít remember what all was in there now, but I remember some things like lipstick, matches and a pocket knife. During the time I kept this secret box I never mentioned it to anyone for fear it could get me into trouble. Now that I am older and have no secret box it doesnít mean I donít still have some secrets. I think everyone has some secrets that they probably only share with close friends or family or maybe secrets they wonít share with anyone at all. There is no reason the government wouldnít be the exact same way.

Why do we keep secrets? Depending on the type of secret there could be different reasons. It could be something people feel embarrassed by, something they have done that they feel makes them look dumb even though it might have been no big deal or even anything that could be prevented. It could be something they are ashamed of like something they did when they were younger that they would never do now and canít imagine why they did it then. It could even just be something too painful to them personally and they donít like talking about it. There are secrets that if revealed would unwind a long series of lies created to protect the secret and the secret may not even be as big or bad as the lies created to protect it. Then there is the kind of secret people keep to save themselves from being punished for it. Maybe some little thing like cheating on taxes or some big thing like murder.

So if aliens and UFOís exist why does the government keep this secret? I believe some of the reasons above apply. There is also a lot of talk that the reason is that the government feels that letting out this information would destroy peopleís religious beliefs and basically cause them to go mad in the street. I donít buy this because I believe in a God and the fact that I also believe in aliens does not give me any conflicts. Where does it say that God only created one planet with life on it? If we are to believe the bible then God created beings that live in other realms such as angels. If you are a scientist or a artist who creates things do you just stop with just a couple creations? I donít believe so. So while religion could be a small percentage of the reason they donít disclose this information I believe it is only a small one.

The fact that they canít protect us from these beings I think would be a bigger one, but even that I donít believe is all of it. For the most part our government works on a ďneed to knowĒ basis and this includes everything even small things that would make no difference to anyone. They let out information only when they think the publicity would benefit them in some way. Other than that they are completely happy with us not knowing what they are doing. Admitting to a alien presence would not benefit them in any way I can think of. It would only unravel a long series of lies that they would have to explain, it would cause some panic if they admitted they canít protect us and it would also expose the fact that they have technologies that would destroy their oil based economy if they were to divulge the secrets of these technologies.

I do not believe the Disclosure Project will ever accomplish what it has set out to do and if the Government does ever decide to let out this type of information it will be based purely on the Government deciding that there is some advantage in doing so. That being said I do not consider the Disclosure Project to be a completely useless organization. Any organization whether it is concerned with aliens, gulf war disease, global warming or anything else that lets the government know that we do not blindly believe everything we are told is in itís essence is a good thing especially in this time of extreme patriotism and nationalism. My belief is that extremes of patriotism to the point of not questioning anything is at itís core anti-American. The duty of the people since the founding of this country has always been to keep watch of the Government so that it does not become totally corrupt. Some may say it is already totally corrupt, but this does not negate the duty of keeping watch and trying to change things for the better.

One final thought. Do we really want full disclosure? If the Government came out tomorrow and admitted everything and put all relevant documents on the internet for all to see would we feel better? Wouldnít it take away the mystery that makes discussions on this topic fun? We would all have to find new mysteries and conspiracies to entertain us and I am sure we would, but lets face it we really donít want all the mysteries solved they are one of the things that make us think and keep us entertained - especially those of us who listen to Coast to Coast.

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