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Grey Matter


In the Middle -- The Grey Area

I always find myself amazed at the people who are sure of the intent of aliens, visitors, whatever you wish to call them. There are those of a Christian fundamentalist belief who think that the "visitors" are all evil, all demons, no doubt wishing to drag us all down into the pits of hell. There are also those who think the visitors are all good and full of love. They protect us like a mother protects her child and no real harm will ever befall our planet.

Both these sides seem to ignore any evidence to the contrary of what they wish to believe.

The fundie side ignores the fact that nobody has claimed any lasting physical harm from these beings. The other side wants to sweep anything that might cast these visitors in a questionable light (like abductions) into a realm of untrue, or done by government psy-ops. Both these sides seem to view abduction in a "evil" light. One side wanting you to think aliens are doing it and the other not.

The reason for that has more to do with being taken against your will than any lasting harm an abduction may cause to you.

However, we abduct animals on a daily basis. We actually do harm them. We use them to experiment all kinds of products on and many of them die in great pain. Still if you were to ask people if the human race as a whole was evil, most would answer no. Some would even tell you that by killing thousands of animals, we save millions of human lives. The good of the many supercedes the good of the few.

So even if these beings are abducting and experimenting on people, it doesn't make them evil. It doesn't make them good either. I would guess that they are more likely agenda-driven.

Oh yes, I wish I could be completely sure either way, but I am not, so I will stick to them being agenda-driven, not good and not evil. Also, unlike many others, I do not like throwing all alien species into one basket, so I am referring to the ones known as The Greys. Some seem to forget that if you are to believe in "aliens," then there are more than one kind.

If they are so helpful and good, why the secrecy? I am distrustful of people who don't come forward and state their true intentions, why should alien beings be any different?

Yes, I know many will have different answers to that. We have not yet attained the right consciousness or whatever other crap. If they are waiting for some sort of perfection or enlightenment from humans I can already tell them they have thousands, if not millions of years to wait. Yes, I am jaded enough to say that it likely will never happen because we will destroy ourselves long before that.

Right now there are the "space brother" believers who are thinking that the aliens would never let us destroy ourselves, they will save us. That may be true, if it would also cause harm to them, otherwise they should be happy to be rid of us.

Back to the Fundies. Since they think these beings are demons, I would like just one of them to tell me in what way they are more evil than humans. How are they more evil than humans? I don't see it.

And where exactly in the bible does it say that the Lord God, the creator, only created beings on earth? Be very careful with your answer.

There you have it. As truly in the middle as I have every been. I have no agenda either way. I do not even have a belief either way. As I said, I believe they are agenda-driven, neither good nor evil.

What I don't understand is why certain people feel these beings have to be one or the other. Why can't they just be what they are? We are what we are and as a species we are neither good nor evil. "Evil" meaning with the intent to do harm. Most of us have no intent to do harm and yet it happens. Aren't we putting our definitions of good and evil on another species who may not define things in such black and white terms?

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