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Grey Matter


Grey Matters: A Year Gone By

Just more evidence to me of how time flies. I have now been writing Grey Matters at Binnall of America for a year!

I remember when Tim first asked if I would be interested in giving it a try. I hadnít written in years. I almost said no. I couldnít imagine that I could come up with something to write about every week and really I didnít think anyone would read it even if I did. Then I told myself that there was nothing wrong with giving it a try, it might be fun and the worse thing that could happen is people sending me nasty emails about how I suck and it wouldnít be the first time for that.

I am so happy that I did say yes. Not only have I had fun writing about esoteric topics, but I have met many nice new friends at BoA and others who email me privately about my articles. Sometimes as I am sure you can imagine I get rather strange emails, but rarely or really never do I get any nasty ones. I have received many pictures taken by readers of Grey Matters and my blog of UFOs, ghosts, orbs and chem trails. I am always happy to get these along with the personal stories people tell me. I am still pleasantly surprised when I get email from GM readers, especially when it is apparent that they read it every week. As I mentioned I never really thought anyone would read it. I would have been a lot more afraid of doing it and maybe even have said no if I had thought it would actually be read, LOL!

Some weeks I do have quite a time trying to figure out what to write about. Especially on those bad c2c weeks, when there are really boring guests because many times I depend on c2c for inspiration. Every once in a while there is something awesome and silly that happens on c2c and that makes things easy. Biscardi is a good example, as is Sylvia Brown. I love those type of c2c events!

I had to look in the archives to figure out what all I had written about during the year. The largest percentage is about my favorite subjects, aliens and UFOs. I wonder if I will one day exhaust the subject? I doubt it, not so long as things like Project Serpo keep popping up. I know from the many years I have listened to c2c that there is always something like Serpo. I have to say they donít normally continue for as long as the speculation on Serpo has, but there is always something.

Several articles were about c2c itself, about Art, George and Ian. Also, there were my hopes for 2006, most of which have not come to pass, but they do have another 7 months so I will keep hoping.

I have written about my annoyance with skeptics and then written articles that were skeptical of remote viewers and others who make predictions.

There were a couple of 9/11 related articles. Those probably werenít very enlightening given that I am not at all sure what I think went on with 9/11, other than I am pretty sure we arenít be told the full truth about it.

I havenít just concentrated on c2c, but also wrote about Dreamland/Whitley and Rense. I actually received some very nice comments from Jeff Rense about the article I did about his show, which was a nice surprise.

Looking through everything makes me wonder what on earth I can find to write about this year. I am sure c2c will provide topics, along with Dreamland, Rense, Alex Jones and whatever new venues may crop this year. I am still hoping for a summer full of UFO sightings and alien encounters.

I really want to thank Tim Binnall for inviting me to write for his awesome website and for being a really great friend and confidant. A big thanks to everyone who reads Grey Matter and gives me feedback, you really make it all worthwhile and fun.

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