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Grey Matter


Powerless Policing

Let me say, for the record, that there is something about hearing anything about self policing of Ufology that makes me want to punch someone. I don't really grasp the notion that policing should occur in reference to Ufology. Policing is NOT a word I like, it reminds me of everything I grew up hearing was wrong with the Soviet Union. Lock up the kooks! Hide them in the closet! After all, they are making our society look bad to others that we are trying to impress.

You don't even have to actually be a believer in anything kooky to attract the wannabe Ufology Police. All you have to do is admit that you are investigating something that is out of the norm, like channeling. Within a few seconds of admitting to investigating anything the least bit "woo-woo," you can go from respected Ufologist to complete kook in the minds of those needing to enforce their authority over what others do and think.

OK, for those of you that missed it, last week, Richard Dolan admitted to investigating channeling and I am referring to the reaction of some who could not quite handle the fact that someone would dare to investigate something that they know is fake.

I will be the first to admit that many channelers and remote viewers seem to be frauds. However, that does not mean they all are. We wouldn't want that same criteria used for Ufology because there are a lot of fake photos and videos, that is no reason to think all of them are.

These people also don't seem to be able to tell the difference between what someone is claiming to have real evidence for and believe to be fact vs. something they are merely investigating and maybe have feelings about, but are not claiming to be concrete fact of any sort.

For example, I would state as a fact that there are unidentified flying objects and I would do so because I have seen them. On the other hand, I may think these crafts are from a different dimension, parallel universe, Mars, the Kingdom of Corn or wherever, but I would never claim that as fact because I have no solid evidence to support that. However, even with no real evidence I feel that I should be allowed to consider whatever I wish so long as I am not trying to state it as fact.

It seems to me that some within Ufology have turned into such Scientific Fundamentalists that you are not even allowed to investigate things that may be considered fringe without the fear of being discredited by the Ufology Police.

On the bright side, most people pay very little attention to what such people have to say, so you can only be discredited within the tiny bubble that those people live in. Most of those interested in Ufology and other esoteric subjects are normally pretty independent and they like to make up their own minds, they don't let others tell them how to think. Well, that is the great thing about Ufology because such policing will only ever be able to exist in a tiny bubble. Yeah, that is because there are more "woo-woos" attracted to Ufology than sad people who need to feel superior by dictating to everyone else what is right and wrong. Perhaps in the future such people can get jobs regulating banks and Wall Street, things that actually need policing.

So my fellow woo-woos, be happy and investigate any kooky theory that you want. The Ufology Police are annoying, but they have no real power and likely they never will.

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